Keep in mind that my response assumes that your husband is NOT physically hurting or abusing you in any way.
It’s the same with anger (have your husband check out our anger self assessment test) that appears to be too overblown to a situation. May 7, 2013 By Julia Scott Leave a Comment Difficulties in acknowledging, processing and being with others’ anger abound in our society generally and can be experienced by practitioners. In this 60 minute interview on May 20th at 8.00pm, Sue will describe some of her own theoretical approaches to working with anger and hopes that this will invite dialogue to help deepen our own understanding of anger and support our work with clients. Behind anger always lies fear, Even if the angry person appears to be strong and in control fear will always be the reason behind his anger.
I was afraid that the lady does what she said which is leaving my friend in the middle of the highway alone.
If I knew that she was kidding (even though she didn’t) I would have just said “what a weird way to joke” but since I was afraid my anger exploded. If you found yourself shouting at another driver then you might find that you were afraid of the damage that was going to happen to your car.
If you found that you are angry at a lazy employee then most probably you will find that you were afraid that your company performs bad or that your own manager evaluates you poorly. If you were angry at someone who made fun of you then you might find that you were afraid of what people might say about you if you didn't take strong actions.

Anger management is deeper than controlling your breath or counting from one to ten because unless you have a deep understanding of your fears you might be wasting your time on techniques that will never work. Have things changed for him in the past weeks or months that have put tremendous pressure on him? No matter how angry your husband gets, he deserves (we all do) to be treated by you with respect. Then, put into action whatever arrangements you both (or perhaps you alone if he was not willing to cooperate) came to. Sue Parker Hall believes that these difficulties originate from a range of misunderstandings about its nature.
My fear that my friend gets treated badly made me angry and so anger was there to protect me from my fears. If your rights were constantly violated and if you didn't manage to channel the resulting anger correctly you will end up depressed. He drives recklessly, throws a cussing stomping fit, or uses force to make something fit or to move an object.
While you have very little control over how he reacts to others or objects, you can make a difference with how he reacts to you. She has presented her models for working empathically with anger and rage at national conferences across the UK (England, Scotland and Wales), in Ireland, Malta and USA.

If he can’t figure it out with his brain then he will break it to control the situation.
To get a handle on this you could: (1) see a professional counselor to have him explore ways to discover this anger, or (2) try a self-help approach manual for dealing with anger management. Any attempt on his part to argue with you is to simply divert your attention from explaining what you know you need – PERIOD. You must understand that by rewarding him for even the slightest change, it will set up deep inside him a stronger motivation for being more aware of himself next time (and that means he’ll be more likely to do better next time). If we are passive in the face of certain behaviors they present, then we reinforce those behaviors and they get stronger and become more frequent. On the other hand, if we are properly assertive in the face of certain behaviors, then we can remove or minimize the reinforcement of those behaviors and they will weaken and eventually disappear – at least when the person is dealing with us.
If you feel that this might help (and he is willing), you can contact myself or another professional and we could direct you to the best resources available to you.
You can influence your husband to be less angry towards you, but you will not have much of an influence in helping your husband be less angry towards everything and everyone else.

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