Seventy-seven years ago an inspired collection of characters sprang forth from the ingenious and demented mind of one Charles Addams. Gomez and Morticia are open-minded, with a loving relationship, and they adore their children. Not only are they two of the greatest characters ever created, but they have the most enviable romance of all time.
I personally haven’t perfected the second language, but I know enough of the dirty words to get me into sufficient trouble – but I now have goals.
There’s nothing more glorious than two healthy adults in a monogamous relationship openly expressing desire for each other.
They have fun together, they spend time together, and they don’t care who’s around, when the urge hits, they love.
For my money, you can keep the balcony scene and even the sinking ships – give me moonlight and graveyards, Cara Mia! T-ara'sEunjungis an absolute stunner in her solo pictorial with 'International bnt'!Going with 'International bnt's style of tons of photos with several different concepts, Eunjung easily takes on each look with finesse.
The illustration appeared in The New Yorker back in 1938 and depicted a strange family with a love of all things macabre.

Gomez has a childlike enthusiasm for life and adventure, and Morticia is a confident, intelligent woman with a unique sense of style. Everytime Morticia says “deja vu” or some other offhanded French comment there’s Gomez scaling up and down her arm like a crazed mad-man. You have to applaud their adventurous spirit, so to speak, but not even the threat of death will deter this love.
They are both strong individuals who manage to be completely and utterly themselves without putting anyone else down.
I have to admit when I hear certain actors speaking French it gets my blood boiling in places that are better left to the imagination.
From its humble beginnings in a magazine the Addams Family has graced print, video and even the silver screen.
So when you ask me what kind of relationship I want – I want to be like Gomez and Morticia! They would do anything for one another and don’t wish to live in this world without one another. Our great romances usually tell stories of teenagers and twenty-somethings who are torn apart or who self-destruct in the name of love.

The eccentric Gomez and his gorgeous Goth wife Morticia have evolved from amusing scribbles to characters of mythic proportions. Their love is a celebration, and while a bit unconventional, their love is pure and beautiful.
Should Romeo and Juliet or Jack and Rose really be our touchstones for what true love should be? All evidence points to a safe, consensual, and pretty gratifying relationship, who wouldn’t want that? Or isn’t it better to aspire to be successful, happy, fully-grown weirdoes who are madly, passionately and deeply in love with each other?

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