Good supervisors develop the kind of relationships with their employees that help provide an environment where the employees can do their best work.
For the courageous: Give your employees a copy and ask them to complete it anonymously and return it to you.
Click to download a PDF of the Supervisor-Employee Relationship Quiz “ (used by permission). September 4, 2014 by manager · Wondering if you and your partner could benefit from couples counselling – take this quick quiz to help you decide!

If you answered YES to question 3, it is URGENT that you get help for your relationship – call the DV Connect 24 hour helpline on 1800 811 811.
AppointmentsCouples Counselling appointment times are offered weekdays, after hours and weekends.
The Truth about Couples CounsellingIf you've been having problems in your relationship, couples counselling can be of great benefit. When you and your partner are stuck in a loop, arguing about the same things over and over again, couples counselling is more than just a chance to unload to an objective third party.

The Supervisor-Employee Relationship Quiz can help paint a picture of the ways a supervisor can create that positive atmosphere. We have to pay attention to their look and attitude so we can conclude that the person we are talking to is single, married, or maybe divorced.

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