September 4, 2014 by manager · Wondering if you and your partner could benefit from couples counselling – take this quick quiz to help you decide!
If you answered YES to question 3, it is URGENT that you get help for your relationship – call the DV Connect 24 hour helpline on 1800 811 811. AppointmentsCouples Counselling appointment times are offered weekdays, after hours and weekends. The Truth about Couples CounsellingIf you've been having problems in your relationship, couples counselling can be of great benefit. When you and your partner are stuck in a loop, arguing about the same things over and over again, couples counselling is more than just a chance to unload to an objective third party. If you are getting serious with your boyfriend, then there are things that you need to find about him and fast.
Another one of important questions to ask your boyfriend about your relationship is to whether he ever wants to get married. Next one of important questions to ask your boyfriend about your relationship is about where he wants to live. Career plans is another one of good questions to ask your boyfriend.A Finding out what his future career plans are is not just a question about finances, though that is a consideration. Another one of goodA questions to ask your boyfriend about your relationship is whether he has ever cheated before. These love quizzes have been designed to highlight one of the most important features for any successful loving relationship, that is love compatibility and the skill of effective communication. Simply doing the love quizzes may stimulate a conversation with your loved one or even with yourself.

These love quizzes are for you if dating is more of a pain than a pleasure, or if you’re getting dates, but not the right ones.  So, are you struggling to know How to Find Mr Right? They are in depth – but you’ll find out exactly where your dating is falling down and how ready you are for love. If you find out there are areas you could do with improving on and you would like some assistance, then check out our love and relationship coaching section above.  Enjoy! Well here’s your chance, Michael was approached by ‘Moore Master Coaching’ to be recorded as a teaching resource for other coaches. Ita€™s not just a case of making sure that he is serious about you too, ita€™s also being sure that your plans for the future are the same and there are no major deal breakers you need to know about, before things go too far. A man who loves, respects and cherishes his family is more likely to respect and cherish you. Now this is a tricky one to ask, without it sounding like a proposal, but if your plans include a white dress and ceremony, youa€™d better find out that married bliss is on his agenda too. Maybe not a first date question, but if ita€™s important to you and the relationship is going strong, then ita€™s a question that you need answering. Again, ita€™s a bit of a heavy question for the early stages of a relationship, but as things move on, ita€™s something that you will need to know and not an unreasonable question to ask in a longer term relationship.
It could be that his career will lead to move away from the area or even out of the country, and you need to know, whetherA that fits in with your own plans.
If he wants to travel to far flung places, then he might have an ambition; if hea€™s comfortable staying at home, then, perhaps, he is more of a family man. This is valuable as we believe that a significant number of relationship problems stem also from a lack of communication.

Even if you are falling down in only one of these areas, you’re damaging your chances of getting the dates you truly deserve. Ask him about his parents and siblings, and you will soon get an idea of whether or not he is the family type of guy.
For some people, marriage is important, but for others it is not; be sure that you are on the same wavelength here, so that there are no surprises later.
It would be a terrible decision for you to have to make later, to choose between having children and keeping a boyfriend.
If you both have your own homes and youa€™re thinking about living together, you might be both assuming that you will be keeping your own homes. Giving up the independence of your own home is a big step and one to be considered carefully. But cheating gets easier, the more that a person does it, so you have to ask the question would he ever do it?
Ita€™s not the flippant a€?buy you anything you wanta€™ answer that counts, thata€™s too easy.
What shows that hea€™s a real keeper is the buy us a home, or take us on a dream holiday…that shows a real commitment to the relationship. Love quiz intended for anyone interested in wanting to know the state of their love life and wanting expert advice on love.  In each of them, please answer truthfully, you’ll get more out of it if you do.

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