When you go to the doctor, do you leave feeling adequately informed and ready to tackle your health issues? Misunderstandings of cultural and ethnic backgrounds: Some cultural and ethnic backgrounds may be different than those of the doctor. Low levels of literacy and numeracy: Patients with low literacy levels or those who have trouble reading and lower numeracy levels also create a communication barrier.
I think that this is a very true analysis of the health care to provider relationship that occurs.
My mom actually had a cancer doctor at one point that was very good at what he did, but did not have good patient communication skills, which made her like him less.
At the core of successful health care providing is adequate communication and a good, developing relationship. But, when I had multiple surgeries awhile back, I had the same surgeon for all three, along with the same nurse for most of it.

Any healthcare provider needs to get to know their patient as much as possible, even if they only have a little time. Maybe it’s because I see a pediatric doctor still, who might make a special effort to cater her language and interactions to a juvenile audience. For all of the reasons you stated and many more, it is important to make sure that the relationship between the care provider and health staff is well developed and understood. By the end, they became like friends because they were so kind and cared about my health so much. I think it’s really important that medical schools are now emphasizing the need for good interpersonal communication skills among doctors-in-training.
I didn’t like having medical problems, but I did like seeing them because they were so kind. I also had never considered the risks associated with doctors trying to see as many patients as possible.

Being cognizant of issues such as illiteracy can only help the patient carry out their treatment plan. It’s great that the new health care system will compensate doctors based on the amount of healthy patients they retain instead of the number of patients they see. When I become a healthcare provider in the future, I want to make sure I treat the whole person and not just their medical condition.
This change will definitely put physicians with misdirected motives back in line and ultimately contribute to more quality patient care.

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