Lots of us use Facebook as a convenient way of receiving information about the people in our lives we don't call every day -- and people we don't know that well whose lives we enjoy watching from afar. Enter the green-eyed (or in this case, blue and white logo'ed) monster known as Facebook jealousy. Before addressing what you may hide from your partner on Facebook -- and the jealousy that behavior may provoke -- it's a good idea to first talk about what you're both comfortable sharing. You're not alone (or irrational) if you get a little nauseous every time you see evidence of your significant other's weekend in Cabo with his ex. Jason and Kelli likened the tagging issue to going home to your parent's house and them still having pictures on the wall of you and your old boyfriend.
When deciding what to untag (or not), the best approach is for both partners to agree to untag themselves from photos that make the other uncomfortable.
Estes suggested addressing these requests on a case-by-case basis: It's how you handle it that matters to your current relationship. In some cases, existing friends you have a past with are harmless and can remain that way -- though Kelli suggests hiding them on Facebook to avoid trips down memory lane. When couples sees a post on their partner's page that makes them uncomfortable, they shouldn't just let it go.
By not asking about the posts, "They're attempting to protect the relationship, or they don't want to risk being seen as stupid or crazy, but then the problem never gets resolved.
The problem isn't that secrets are no fun; it's that they make otherwise normal people lose trust in each other and morph into amateur private investigators.
It's not cool for your partner to snoop, but if you're not up-front with him or her about your Facebook habits, they'll probably find that one person who hasn't checked their privacy settings since Facebook changed them for the billionth time, and see evidence of you being inappropriate. That all said, our experts agree that the golden rule of Facebooking while committed is that on FB, as in life, you shouldn't be doing anything that you wouldn't want your partner to see. IT Best Practices: Intel IT has developed a Business Solutions Integration (BSI) service that incorporates business demand management (business requests) and business relationship management processes (our relationships with internal customers in all of Intel’s lines of business [LOBs]).
The new service provides what we call a “One IT” view to our IT customers and formalizes our relationship with them through dedicated, single- point- of- contact IT personnel assigned to each LOB.

To achieve results, we used Lean Six Sigma (LSS) and formal IT Service Management (ITSM) process improvement.
We believe our BSI service is unique in the industry for implementing the ITIL business demand management and business relationship management processes. Aligning Social Collaboration with Business Objectives IT Best Practices: In 2013 Intel IT launched a new social collaboration platform that combined professional networking and social capabilities with content coauthoring for business-focused collaboration. Why Business Client Devices Are Needed for Self-Service BI IT Best Practices: We are in the midst of the democratization of big data. Data Center Efficiency and Retrofit Best Practices IT Best Practices: Intel IT has developed best practices for increasing data center efficiency by retrofitting data center infrastructure.
BSI, business demand management, business relationship management, Business Solutions Integration service, Carol S. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Messaging someone you hooked up with before you met your current love interest, analyzing a wall post on your significant other's page, stewing over a suspicious picture but not actually asking about it -- all of these have been known to tank relationships.
And this poor guy had an asthma attack supposedly prompted by seeing how many men his ex-girlfriend had friended since their breakup. Couples come into conflict over everything from one party reconnecting with an ex to one not mentioning the relationship on Facebook at all. Instead, it's an avenue by which threats can develop if you fail to communicate about them, and one that can exacerbate problems that already exist.
Just because one of you likes to do the internet equivalent of shouting from the rooftops how in love you are doesn't mean the other one should have to suffer through it. In the same vein, you shouldn't be surprised if your boyfriend isn't interested in having a reminder of the guy you dated right before him.
These could be people you've never dated who've started to show an interest or actual exes.
It's a fact that there's an unspoken awkwardness to defriending -- won't it show your ex that he or she still has a hold on you?

Not asking can lead to mistrust and assuming the worst based on two random sentences whose context you don't know. Most of the time, [they] go to worst-case scenario and try to predict something that’s not necessarily the case," says Estes. We developed this service in response to our CIO’s “Customer at the Center” initiative, which calls for aligning these two processes in relation to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) approach. This approach enables us to align more effectively with the LOBs’ strategies and pain points so we can focus on high-priority activities that can potentially transform Intel’s business. The new service has significantly improved our ability to enter a business request into our system quickly—up to as much as 83 percent faster. The new service improves the flow of business demand to Intel IT’s service owners, improves our business acumen, and—for the first time—aligns our plans to the LOBs’ priorities. Broadening business users’ access to analytics makes it difficult for traditional business intelligence (BI) to meet user demand.
Our goal is to optimize capacity and the return on invested capital and decrease operating costs. On the other hand, if one of you never references the relationship on your page, the other may begin to wonder why.
We also reduced the average number of hours to disposition a business request (that is, agree to perform the work or not) from 36 hours to 8 hours.
A girl you met once at a party who's baring her midriff in her profile picture wrote on your fiancee's wall -- hold on, where'd she come from?

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