Note: On the Windows 10 side, you need to make sure you are using Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) and not the new Microsoft Edge browser. It may prompt you that it must also restart an associated service, which you should approve. Thanks this worked for me on the Surface – however the RDP screen is small – how can I make it larger?
Computer Infected?Are you getting pop up windows telling you that your computer is infected with viruses or malware?

Network SecurityBoth homes and businesses need to protect their company data and computers. One of his employees has Windows 10 at home, but is unable to remote into the SBS 2008 network at the office to access his office computer.
Make sure you have copies of your important documents, pictures and files backed up to an offsite location. If you wait until your computers have been compromised or hacked, it's too late.KWSupport can recommend solutions to fit your needs and budget.

KWSupport has an excellent track record for cleaning out the spam and getting your computer working efficiently.

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