Whether your interest turns to a character like Count Dracula or a modern day vampire romance, the vampire romance novel is a hot read and the characters are memorable.
Since the major threat to their well-being has been destroyed, they assume tranquility will ensue. Adrift off the coast of the fictional Blue Mountains is a small coffin containing a white-shrouded woman.
Sir Francis Varney has an unusual interest in the Bannerworth family, and their daughter Flora. No one really knew what the owner of the popular bed and breakfast had in mind - even after her death.
All because of you is a web comic about a high school girl  named Moon who later discovers she has magical powers after getting kidnapped by strangers on her way home. Boy with a Secret is an engaging and modern comic that follows the life of a young boy and his hidden secrets. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.

Romance joins the often frightening, always exciting world of vampires and werewolves to provide a very exciting romance read. Vampire romance novels are just one of the many types of free online romance novels on PublicBookshelf. Jack is gone, but his army of blood drinking vampires remains, and now there is someone else in charge.
Diagnosed with terminal cancer, she seeks out a mysterious man who promises an impossiblea€”and insanely dangerousa€”cure. Just when everything is going according to plan, she falls in love with a handsome human, causing her to question everything. Rebecca Harding discovers that there is much more to being a vampire than she had originally suspected. She rises, soaking wet, from the sea, and seeks refuge in the Castle of Vissarion in the middle of the night.
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Mark disappears, and Angus and Oliver launch a desperate search for him before he is gone forever. Meanwhile, she continues to be pursued by Jack, a brutal and relentless vampire who wants Rebecca for himself, and Angus must do all he can to protect her. A routine blood test after an accident turns her peaceful and rather mundane life upside-down, as she becomes the focus of three powerful brothers with exceptional skills and an age-old secret. His carefree existence is derailed when he meets Elisabeth.Relationships between the living and the undead are the least of the obstacles they face.
Almost as strong as his unquenchable thirst is his desire to save himself and spare his victims.

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