First of all, this appears to be a book about a girl who falls in love with Jack the Fucking Ripper.
Lisa Shea?s medieval romance novels celebrate courageous women of honor and the loyal men who stand steadfastly by their side despite overwhelming odds.
Lisa's medieval romance novels are written in the non-explicit-intimacy style of Pride and Prejudice. Mary's spartan upbringing and rigorous training have honed her for a single mission - to shield Erik from harm. Alicia prayed that moving from Wales to Canterbury would help her escape the ghosts of her past. Become a fan of Lisa's medieval novels to hear the latest news on release dates and other fun information! The medieval world was a rough, untamed landscape of bandits and wolves, of kings vying for power and clergy battling for prominence.
The women of medieval times were not corseted and gusseted in gold thread and pearl buttons.
Lisa's novels ring with authentic characters and situations which are as valid today as they were in medieval times. Posted by Anastasia Blackwell in BlogHouse on Black Lake Trailer - Andre Labat in his Cottage in St.
Each novel features a heroine whose core of honor drives her to do what is right, no matter the consequences or challenges.

She creates worlds rich with longing and hope, laced with desires for a better world, while leaving bedroom scenes to the imagination. Free of her abusive father, free of the cruel fiance he had pledged her to, and free of the ties to her past. Gabriel, the one man who could make her smile, who could bring joy to her world, was gone.
Disguised as her alter-ego, Shadow, she had protected the villagers of her land, holding off wolves' heads and bringing justice to the weak. She enjoys her adventures of flirtations, drinking, and occasionally accompanying her patron, Donna, on a canter through the dense forests of medieval England. She was captured by slavers, her family and friends were brutally murdered, and her village was razed. Knights in armor struggled to bring order to the turmoil that threatened to overtake civilization. The key focus of each of my sites is to help visitors improve their lives and find joy in each day. Desperate to protect what remains of her homelands, she flees to a neighboring keep to plead for support.
The Lady had no doubt that Erik's devious fiancee, Lynessa, would gleefully plan and execute her son's death. She was going to carefully, delicately, reopen a connection with Hugh, the man honor had forced her to put aside.

Everything she loved was lost, including Roger, the man who had filled her heart with unimaginable joy. She strove for a fresh start with her wood-working uncle and her treasured cousin, Ethelfleda - one of those special people who God allowed to remain child-like forever. The pagan influences were still strong enough to encourage equality and respect; female power was known to be potent and worthy. In each story a worthy man respects her beliefs, protects her when she's down, and remains determinedly alongside her against any foe.
The stories focus on the nuanced relationships of the characters and the turmoils they overcome. Each man seems more stunning than the last, and it is her choice which will reward the prize.
Far from shrinking violets, women in medieval times had to be prepared to protect hearth and home from thieves and wild animals.

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