This image was also posted here:Dating scammer Osai Williams from GhanaIs this Russian girl scamming me?
Here is a picture of a russian girl that email me thru a dating web sight then imediatly deleted here profile on the sight.
I too happened to contact a beautiful woman from cheboksary, who intially was from uk.Now she claims to be in love with me.Am i being taken for a ride? Please provide a valid email address if you select this option, or post under a registered account. Because you suspect this could be a dating scammer, but you do not want to post this picture?
I hope we shall find many the generalthemes on which we can communicate with you to me of 26 years, my growth of 170 sm and weightof 56 kg.
She went on about how she has no future in Russia and that she was coming to the United States on a 'Work and travel' and how she wold go to work in a shop or cafe.

She's a victim too because the scammers steal her pics. Sorry for you she's not available. The second day after I did not respond she sent more photos and then asked me not to ask for any photod of her naked because she was a good girl and did not do this sort of thing!
I work as the bookkeeper at school.I want to find new friends for dialogue, but nevertheless if to be more frank I want to findthe man for serious relations.
I have decided to use the Internet as in our country there isno which man I really could grow fond. In our country the majority of men rough and severe,but their main problem is abusing alcohol.I send you the photo. I do not know if was sending the the letter in Russian or mentioning working at the embassy but I found it very amusing. It very much difficult process, but I have the contract with travel agency and they assist to me very much.

I hope you can help to me. I should pay in travel agency of 700 dollars more. YOU can give me this money??? Certainly I tried borrow money at friends, but in Cheboksarsk I have very few friends and nobody could help to me. It is very sad. When I pay there I shall give you number of my flight of self-summer and can precisely tell when an arrival time of self-summer.

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