Angelika Varum, real name Maria Yur'evna Varum, was born on May 26, 1969, in Lvov, Ukraine. Angelika Varum has released 11 solo albums and has 11 acting roles in Russian movies and TV shows. There is a rumor that young Angelika couldn’t get into the theatre college in Moscow and was singing as a back vocalist for many artists.
Oksana Fedorova was born on December 17, 1977 in Pskov, Russia, where she lived until she was 18.
Julia Tymoshenko was the Prime Minister of Ukraine from 24 January to 8 September 2005, and again from 18 December 2007 to 4 March 2010. It is unlikely that a shy Jewish girl Rosa Robinovich from Odessa ever thought that her great grandson would become a world famous movie actor Sylvester Stallone. Your elections arent better, what is difference between falsifying election with help of fox news by mr. As far as foreign policy is concerned: Russian navy is currently helping to prop up that criminal Assad in Syria, a move that will surely bit Russia when he is overthrown. East Ukrania and the people of Belarus are all together russian, just the language got different accents. Not for real the revolution was ruled by jewish people because they recognized the failure of capitalism. You mention all of these folks only because their parents or grandparents MOVED OUT of Russia for a better life or were CHASED OUT because they were Jewish.
The biggest part of being russian is the language?Maybe for a jew or an immigrant (from Caucas or Turkestan) who want to make fortune.
Actualy in USSR the single most dominant ethnic group (russians) made till 1991 more than 50% of the total population. By the way, Princes William and Harry of Britain have also a little russian blood from their grand-grand-grandmother who was nice of the last tsar of Russia!
Belarussian was an official language of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, its laws were written in it even during the union with Poland. First at all Moldova is inhabited by romanians, wich are not slavs and had a common history with russians only for 150 years in the last 1200 years. Second, a german with chinese citinzenship if he emigrate in another country is a german not a chinese!
Kishinev (Chisinau) is in Republic of Moldova, former part of Greater Romania, occupied by URSS in 1940 after Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact and liberated in 1941 by Romanian Army and occupied again in 1945.
Why do people always talk like Russia needs to prove they are Really smart and modern and so on.
Ksenia Sobchak was born on November 5 1981 in Saint Petersburg to a father Anatoly Sobchak, the first mayor of Saint Petersburg. Russian Tatler magazine included Ksenia Sobchak into the list of most desirable single women based on their fortune and celebrity status. She is sometimes named the Russian It Girl, and is by analogy called the Russian Paris Hilton.
Despite having a very busy childhood Linda managed to graduate from high school with honors and entered the University majoring in economics.
Tatiana won Gold medal at Winter Olympic Games in Turin, Italy in 2006with her partner Roman Kostomarov.
Tatiana Navka and her husband separanted in 2010 following the rumors of Tatiana’s affair with her “Stars on Ice” partner Marat Basharov. Svetlana Khorkina (born January 19, 1979 in Belgorod, Russia) is a popular Russian gymnast and seven-time Olympic medalist, who is now a deputy at the Russian State Duma. With an unprecedented nine gold, eight silver, and three bronze World Championships medals, she is one of the most successful female gymnasts of her era and has been cited as a fan favorite in various polls in gymnastics magazines. But after I kept seeing her face, eyes and nose(some facial features) are a little bit Eastern European.

I can think she doesn't look like a Slav at the first time, but except that all the things and vibes are so Slavic. Although the Miss Universe Organization refuses to recognize Fedorova as a former Miss Universe, she is generally regarded as one by the public.
Her mother is Ludmila Nikolaevna Telegina, her father Vladimir Abramovich Grigyan were born in Dnipropetrovsk.
She is the leader of the All-Ukrainian Union "Fatherland" party and the Julia Tymoshenko Bloc. And his sister's husband is a distant relative of Boris Pasternak, a Russian poet, novelist, and literary translator. I mentioned it to my sister, who was aghast: anything even remotely Russian makes her sick three generations later.
I don’t know if I could call it communist hatred of humanity James, what I think you are seeing in some comments is maybe a strong nationalistic pride with a bit of contempt for some aspects of the West. Russia also supports Iran, a curious move since they indirectly support the terrorists who have blown two Russian airliners out of the sky and attacked a theatre and schools in Russia. All these countries had very close relationship with Russia in the past, hell most of Ukraine was a part of Russian Empire back then as was the Belarussia, and Moldova or Bessarabia became Russian province in 1806. Soviets (USSR) started in November of 1917 (or from Dec 1922 as a country), if you’d forgotten. Look at the leader from the first years, 50% are jewish even only 1% was at that time jewish.
Just because you had a Half Russian Jewish Great Grandparent, you hardly have Russian roots. Being russian is more being of Kiev-Rus ethnicity, Russia is made out of thousand of different tribes between the north near finland and the whole mongolian east.
You are complaining about the jews as so often, but they wouldnt be them if they wouldnt be russian and russia wouldnt be russia without them. A state can survive if exists a very dominant religion, a national-ethnic homogenity of citizens, or a assertiv ethnic group,even a minority one, who seized all power and is very strong willed to mantain it. But it was long, long time ago and you’re an ignorant if you say Russians and Ukrainians are one nation. You people are ignorants, you think only Rusia was a country, the other don’t exist in your vision, very very wrong. She attended the ballet school as achild and later studied in the Moscow State University of International Relations. Khorkina won more medals in major All-Around Championships than any other gymnast — male or female - 10 (7 Gold, 3 Silver). Known for her long, elegant lines, she was discouraged from gymnastics because of her height, but with the help of her lifelong coach Boris Pilkin, she created new moves to accommodate her height and exploit her strengths. As well as we’ve ever been able to find out, all the brothers and sisters and cousins who remained in Russia were murdered by the communists or killed during World War II.
To be fair, there are parts of the United States I’d feel equally or even more unsafe in.
Som of the comments of you I see the old americans hatred humanity, killing civillians in guantanamo, iraq, afghanistan, helping sakashvili with the killing.. You live in a bottle historian, a bottle conceived by the government to give you a sense of superiority.
Apart from the west Ukrain which got a part from former poland the rest of ukraine and russia are same people. But then the georgian Stalin came to power and as he was afraid losing it, he killed all real revolutionists. How can he be not a russian as he plays such a role in russian tradition of cinema, which american people will never understand. For the second since in the WEST USSR was called Soviet Russia,its normal to call russian jews as citizens of Russia who moved in Israel or USA.

Ukraine has at least twelve centuries (!) of documented history, and only 70 years as a Soviet Republic.
You were liberated by Russia from the Turks, and you were part of the Russian Empire way before you were part of the USSR. She has an unprecedented 8 moves named after her in the Artistic Gymnastics Code of Points.
Angelika learned to play piano at age 5 and played guitar when she was in secondary school.
She continued her career as a police officer and was promoted to the ranks of Captain in September 2002 and Major in 2005.
Some of the comments I’ve seen make it clear the old communist hatred of humanity is still alive. And Jews they are different in areas where they live, they easily intersect with other nations, like catalyst in chemistry. Moldova was a part of Roman (then Byzantine) emipire, and from XIV century was a principality (=separate country). A jew emmigrated from Baku to Hollywood it is only a jew and it will be nothing more than a jew and not a russian, azeri etc. I am not saying that you are Russians, just don’t sell us here rubish about Romanian origins. She has aspirations to become an actress, and has taken to the stage as Brenda Venus, Henry Miller's last love, in a Sergei Vinogradov production. It changes you forever, and you find that you see things in a different, more truthful light. Perhaps that is why your short list (I mean that there are many more) of outstanding Russian writers are from the 19th century? Kozaks are also of Kiev-Rus origin, together with them russia captured all east ’till the pazific.
Only Belarus was barely an independent country in its history, but that’s still the issue, I believe, but still Belarus as a nation has centuries of its own history and culture!
She gained wider popularity and after her role as Rita Pogodina in the TV series "Kadetstvo". Their celebrity couple has always been marked as one of the most beautiful and long-lasting couples in Russian entertainment elite.
Especially here in the mid west!I work in a milk plant that processes about 5 million pounds of milk a day, much of it into dry powder.
Tatiana Navka married her trainer Aleksandr Zhulin in 2000 and they have a daughter together. She turned to motherhood: she gave birth to her first child, a son named Svyatoslav, on July 21, 2005 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, thus giving her child American citizenship. Tymoshenko was a candidate in the Ukrainian presidential elections of 2010, but lost this election to Viktor Yanukovych (Tymoshenko gained 45.47% of the votes in the second and final round of this election). The father of the child is still unknown, and because of that it is still create speculationts in the Russian tabloids. At first Tymoshenko challenged the election results, claiming the vote was rigged, but withdrew her appeal on 20 February 2010 stating “It became clear that the court is not out to establish the truth”. Imagine if USA will become broken like Russia,some rude nazists will start arguing who belongs to America and whos not.
I personally sure that we are more similar then different, I don’t understand people from both sides why so hardly looking to find out any difference between us.

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