In 1994, she married Philipp Kirkorov, one of the most popular pop singers in the former of USSR. Aida became insanely popular after she performed Capella song, because the Jury couldn't believe in the fact that she sang with her voice.
Vera Brezhneva (real name is Vera Galushka(Kiperman) was born February 3 1982 in Ukraine to working class parents.
Tatiana Bulanova’s second album which brought her huge popularity was titled “Don’t Cry” and contained mostly that sounded sad and romantic.
Evelina Khromchenko (born February 27 1971 in Ufa) is a journalist, TV presented and writer. During his time at the agency “Artifact” as chief editor has prepared and conducted more than 70 press conferences, including Sharon Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt, Linda Evangelista, Nadja Auermann, Paco Rabanne, Valentino Garavani and other fashion-celebrities. Olga was awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation in the field of Literature and Art in 2001, was named the Best Actress of the Year in (2002. Repeated winner of Russian and international competitions, World champion, six times European champion.
In addition, in 1990, she has been awarded by the former President of Russia, Boris Yeltsin, for her deep involvement in Russian Literature and Art. Even though, Kirkorov was 18 years younger than Pugacheva, they had happy marriage together.
She has received awards, including being the first female pop-singer to be given the title of People's Artist of USSR in 1986 deemed a Meritorious Artist of the Ukrainian SSR, People's Artist of Ukraine, People's Artist of Moldavian SSR, Laureate of the Young Communist League Prize, Hero of Moldova, and Cavalier of the Republican Order of Moldova.

According to polls, she is the most popular pop artist in Russia and topped the Moscow airplay with "Ya nazovu planetu imenem tvoim" in 2008. When she was 4 her family moved to Volgograd where she was noticed by rhythmic gymnastics coach and became training. In 1997, she represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin with her top hit "Primadonna." In 1999, Pugacheva was rewarded with the 2nd Class Order For The Service To Russia. Born to a large, impoverished family in Marshintsy, Rotaru, nicknamed Bukovinsky Solovey (Nightingale from Bukovina). In 2002 she was invited to a casting to replace one of the girls from band ViaGra and she was selected. Evelina graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Department of TV and Radio Broadcasting.
In the Humanities Lyceum, where she studied, she starred in a school production of The Princess and the Pea. In 1997 she moved to Moscow began participating in competitions on a higher professional level. Her unique voice and humongous number of top hits made her an iconic statue across the former of Soviet Union, as the most successful and talented Russian female singer. In 1972, Sofia released the multilingual album Sofia Rotaru, re-released three times and covered by numerous singers, establishing herself as a viable pop artist in the countries of the former Soviet Union.
Olga attended acting school at the Boris Shchukin University.She made her film debut in 1996 starring in an adaptation of The Little Prince.

Pugacheva's personal life has always been exposed to the public criticism and mass discussion.
In 2008 she recorded several solo songs and took part in some TV shows, and had some roles in movies. Two years later, in 1989 she transferred to studio under the supervision of Saint Petersburg Music Hall. In 2006 after prolonged injuries followed by rehabilitation Leysan left professional rhythmic gymnastics. However, Alla Pugacheva has always been open about her relationships and personal life, therefore, she has always exposed her privacy with a humor and smile. She met her future husband Nikolay Tagrin the same year who at the time was a director of band “Summer Garden”.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Pugacheva expanded her activities to the business world. Currently, she has been launching a magazine, radio station, line of perfume called "Alla," and the "Alla Pugachova" shoe line.

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