Fittingly, Anna Sidorova has been receiving the most attention on the interwebs, quite fairly, too, as you will see below. Heck, I even threw in an additional member of the squad and I don’t even know her name. So, without further ado, enjoy a smidgen of images available on the Internet of both Sidorova, Galkina, and um, that other gal. Hot brunette Yulia will defend the sport honor of her country in short-track competitions, one of branches of quick skating.
Blacks begin and win – this phrase is from the world of chess, a game complicated and unintelligible for many people, resembles of unintelligible but beautiful curling. Having begun skating when she was 4, Elena sharpened her art to perfection and she goes to the Olympiad to enslave and win hearts of fans together with her partner. Alyona is a conqueror of snowboard and world champion, she goes to the Olympiad being completely sure in her power, and she is a serious girl who thinks that snowboard is not just an extreme subculture but a serious professional sport which should be for long ago already included into the Olympiad programme.

Maybe your attitude to a women’s hockey is more skeptical than to women’s football, but when there play such girls, what skepticism can one talk about? Those who think that freestyle is a song to which one still brake-dances on village discos are mistaken. Same goes for Ekaterina Galkina, a rather comely lass in her own right, as you will surely agree.
Beautiful girls rub ice with mops and confirm that behind a model’s appearance there can hide a domesticity. A hot blonde Elena for as long time looked for her place in football, dancing, but strong and elastic muscles and a wish to run and drive quickly did their part and the girl became European champion in skeleton and now we hope that the Olympiad will bend to her and a couple of men’s hearts too.
Brunette Olga goes together with Elena Nikitina – Russian beauties will definitely win together. Definitely, traditions of figure skating will never die if such beauties will support them.

Except appearance in Ekaterina’s assets there is passion to win, sureness in victory and a wonderful daughter whom she is unlikely to send to hockey if only she doesn’t ask herself.
It’s a very nice discipline which includes acrobatics on skis and snowboard and Russia is presented there by a beautiful girl matching to this kind of sport.
According to the future champion’s words after the Olympiad she will begin to arrange her personal life and will seriously come down to the point of family creation – manage to capture such a beauty-sportswoman.
Being Russia’s champion she is considered to be a leading star of our Olympic freestyle team.

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