Make your next PowerPoint or Keynote presentation more effective with our professionally designed Project Kickoff Meeting template.
Project Kickoff Meeting presentation template includes built-in layouts and stunning backgrounds to make your presentation a winner.
We take pride in employing features most companies skip because it's "too much work." This Project Kickoff Meeting presentation theme is carefully considered and implemented to maximize the beauty, consistency, clarity and -- most importantly -- audience impact of your presentation. All our presentation templates are saved in POT, PPT, and PPTX formats to make them compatible with your presentation software like Office for Mac, Keynote, Google Docs, OpenOffice, and others. The attention we pay to the finest detail make this presentation template truly world-class.
Project Kickoff Meeting template for presentation is laid out in a way that simplifies the complexities you may have previously encountered with Keynote or PowerPoint. Amateur designs are easy to spot: same old fonts, same old bullet points, typed into any space that's available. All you will need to do to complete your professional slides is to type in your text and change the data. Make more exciting sales presentations, trade show displays and product promotions, or use them in any educational setting for more impact and greater retention. Our designers' agency-trained sensitivity to typography deliver a sense of clarity and professionalism to your presentations. So for each of our presentation themes, our designers have customized a collection of perfectly mixed colors optimized to complement its unique color scheme. Steve is the perfect opening keynote speaker to establish the tone for your sales kickoff or closing inspirational speaker to end your meeting on a high note.While many keynote speakers offer canned presentations of generic information, Steve Martin’s keynotes are completely customized to your unique sales situation and specific areas of need. We fuse your message with world-class design to create dynamic, audience-engaging presentations. You'll never again have to guess whether or not a color "goes with," and you'll easily be able to stand out from the crowd of other presentations.
With Project Kickoff Meeting presentation template, you are well on your way to making the kind of impression you want to make. To ensure topical relevance, pre-presentation interviews and background research is conducted to understand your market, product, and salespeople.Please click here to review Sample Presentation Topics and Keynote Pricing InformationSteve W.
Martin's Heavy Hitter Series of Books for Senior SalespeopleHow to Select A Sales Meeting ThemeWhen I was a vice president of sales, one of my key responsibilities was to ensure that our sales kickoff was a complete success. Because it was the only annual gathering of the entire worldwide sales force, I wanted everyone to leave the meeting trained on our new products, well-versed about the competition, and most importantly, re-energized to get back into the field and sell.After participating in more than one-hundred sales kickoffs as a keynoter speaker, I can now attest that the first step toward conducting a successful sales kickoff starts with choosing the right theme.
When morale is high, you can be more creative and take bigger risks with the theme you choose.
For example, one of the best sales kickoffs I ever attended was based upon the theme of “A night at the Oscars.” In advance of the meeting, each of the sales regions created their own video about the average day in the life of a salesperson. The videos were exceptionally well-done, full of side-splitting humor, and their ingenuity was inspirational.
Everyone loved watching them and a judging panel of company executives awarded Oscars to the best.Conversely, I wouldn’t recommend such an over-the-top theme during tough times.
In this situation the theme should be more commonsensical like “Better, Stronger, Faster,” which provides a platform that meeting presenters can use to talk about changes and upcoming improvements. If you are in the midst of a merger, pick a theme like “Winning Together” that promotes teamwork, or something like “The Power of Synergy” that emphasizes how the companies combined are greater than if they were separate.What is the Sales Mantra?The leader of every sales organization will typically have a clearly defined area of sales force improvement for the new year.

It might be to close more seven figure deals, sell more of a certain product line, increase customer satisfaction, or to get the reps to consistently make their quarterly quotas. Obviously, it makes sense to make this mantra the underpinnings of your sales kickoff theme.For example, one company wanted to focus their sales team on closing bigger deals.
They selected a theme centered around baseball and used the tagline, “Swing for the Fences!” Throughout the meeting they showed movie clips of the greatest home run hitters of all time. At their awards dinner the vice president of sales presented inscribed baseball bats to the top sales performers.Should the Theme Focus on Your Arch-Rival? If you really want to rally the troops and concentrate the meeting’s focus, use a competitive theme that directly targets your arch-rival. For example, instead of an ambiguous theme like “In it to win it,” use the name of your competitor in the sales kickoff them like “BEAT ACME!” Remember, sometimes the most straight-forward theme is the best.Can the Presenters Dovetail to the Theme? The theme’s tagline is critical because it provides the centerpiece idea from which the meeting presenters can embellish upon. Recently, I attended a meeting where the theme was “Reach for the Stars” with an accompanying graphic of a rocket heading into space. Although it’s not necessarily a bad theme, it proved difficult for the presenters from the marketing, engineering, and customer support departments to incorporate into their presentations.
A better space-related theme would have been “All Systems Go!” This would have enabled the presenters to delineate all the new products and improvement programs that were being launched in their area of the organization.5.
It’s very important that sales kickoff attendees are provided three types of meeting takeaways.
First, all of the presentations and meeting information should be available online over the internet. Don’t fall into the trap of associating the success of your meeting to the thickness of the materials you hand out. Second, you should provide some type of sales skills self-improvement takeaway (a copy of book on advance sales strategies for example). For example, “Swing for the Fences!” meeting attendees were given different colored company baseball hats and jerseys that designated which group they were part of for team-building exercises.
Sales is the artful combination of structure and free thinking, process and people, and logic and emotions. Martin’s Heavy Hitter series of books for senior salespeople is based upon the marriage of the human nature of sales to the science of sales. Meeting planners will typically decorate the venue using a sports-related theme that revolves around baseball, teamwork, excellence, and winning. Most assuredly, your next annual sales conference will include the obligatory updates about products and the on-going marketing programs. However, there is a profound question that should be asked before the sales meeting agenda is created… “What do your salespeople truly want from your next sales meeting?”  Over the past couple of weeks alone I have interviewed a hundred top salespeople as part of my preparation for the keynote presentation I will give at their company’s sales kickoff. Based upon these discussions, here’s what the Heavy Hitters want from their next sales meeting.The Latest, Greatest Sales Techniques. They understand the process of selling and they’re tired of hearing about what they mastered a long time ago. That’s why I recommend sessions on recent sales psychology studies, the human nature of group decision-making, and sales linguistics (the study of how the customer’s mind uses and interprets language). These subjects are not only fascinating, but also contribute to the continued success and personal growth of senior salespeople.Renewed Mental Motivation.

There’s a tremendous amount of doom and gloom compounded with anxious uncertainty out there.
This is a huge mistake because one of the most important aspects of every sales meeting is the care and feeding of the team’s mental health. Rather, it’s the reassurance of knowing that you are not alone in your struggles and a certain amount of commiseration among colleagues is actually healthy. However, the reality is that not everyone is going to make their quota during this recession (and this includes some of your best salespeople too).
So, the goal should be to help defeat two of the salespeople’s’ worst enemies: depression and self-doubt. Most importantly, it’s imperative that your executive leaderships’ state of the union presentations lay out the future strategy and plans to deal with these challenging times in calm, cool, realistic terms.Salesperson Success Stories. I strongly recommend that salespeople are interviewed  about their wins in a panel setting by an expert moderator. Most assuredly, there will be lots of sleepless nights for the people who have to choose the location, facilities, and make sure all the details are in place to ensure the sales kickoff is a success. Having keynoted over a hundred annual sales meetings of companies ranging in size from start-ups to multi-billion dollar giants, here are five ideas to help ensure your sales meeting is a success.
Sales Strategy is a comprehensive guide for penetrating new accounts, differentiating your solution during the sales cycle, and winning highly competitive accounts.
It is based on extensive research and interviews with more than 1,000 key information technology decision makers, top technology salespeople, and vice presidents of sales. The book provides state of the art technology sales strategies and advanced tactics for senior salespeople who want to learn the secrets of top performers.
Martin conducted extensive surveys with top-level sales leaders, midlevel sales managers, and salespeople.
The resulting research, The Sales Organization Performance Study Report, provides detailed insights on the characteristics of high-performing sales organizations, quota analysis measurements, and key sales performance metrics.Seven hundred eighty-six sales professionals participated in the study by completing an extensive forty-two-part survey. The survey goal was to gather both qualitative information about the attributes of high-growth sales organizations and the associated quantifiable performance metrics.
Participants were asked to share their opinions on their sales organization, their top sales challenges, and personal details about their own quota performance. The best sales organizations have strong leaders who exercise control, monitor team performance, and establish internal processes that all team members must abide by. They hire talent of such high quality that it challenges the more tenured sales team members to continually perform at the highest level.
Learn MoreTAKE THE 2016 SALES PERSONA SURVEY AND RECEIVE 5 SALES RESEARCH REPORTSNoted sales researcher Steve W. Martin from the University of Southern California Marshall Business School would like to invite you to participate in a first-of-its-kind sales research project on the attributes, attitudes, and actions of salespeople, sales leaders, and pre-sales support engineers.

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