Specifies that the site collection being overwritten with the Force parameter should be gradually deleted over time by a timer job instead of all at once, which reduces its impact on SharePoint 2010 Products and SQL Server performance. Specifies that the existing site collection at the URL location is to be overwritten by this restoration. Indicates how to resolve situations where a file version to be imported to a site already exists in that site. You can change the Feature Name and Site collection Url in above scripts to make it work for your custom requirement. The Remove-SPSite command completely deletes an existing site collection and all its sub sites. Note: Deleting the top level Web site of a site collection causes the entire site collection to be removed. Use NoSiteLock option with Backup-SPSite command to make the Site Collection allow Write Operation while Backup process continues. Note: Your site collection may become read only when you try to back up the site collection. We can back up the site Save Site as template will create a wsp file in the Site collection Solution gallery which can be downloaded and Moved to a different farm. Second, run the below command to create Site collection and use Content Datat base which is created using the above command.
We will discuss other two ways to show or enable site assets and site pages folder in SharePoint publishing site.

By activating Wiki Page Home Page feature site assets and site pages library will enabled and shown in the site. We can use import option in the SharePoint designer ribbon menu to upload a file to site assets library. Take away lesson: Site assets and Site Pages library can be displayed to end users in publishing site using Wiki Page feature activation or file import to site assets using SharePoint designer. One important point to consider here while applying this in production environment is such templates or site created using this approach will not be supported by SharePoint Product support scope.
And recommended method is using site definition to create new sites in publishing sites (“ ~\template\SiteTemplates “) and provision the new site based on such a site definition. Monthly calendar - printable calendar blank template, This is printable monthly blank calendar free for download, editable and printable.
If no content database is specified, the content database with the greatest unused site collection capacity and whose database status is ready will be used.
The capability to import from a library is a new feature in SharePoint 2010 Product onward.
Using this parameter can lower resource usage up to 30% during the export and import process. And above command create site collection with a separate Domain name URL known as Host header Site collection which is a new feature in SharePoint 2013.
Publishing feature would normally hide the few OOB SharePoint libraries – site assets and site pages by default.

After Uploading file to site assets  using SharePoint designer , site assets library would be shown with uploaded content in the publishing site. When you are selecting publishing site template while creating your site collection or site it will activate publishing server feature in your site. Then close all browsers and open the site in new browser window and try accessing the save site as template Uri again.
Hence please be very cautious if you go with save site as template option in publishing sites.
In practical situation we require site assets and site pages to be displayed and accessible to end users. In most situations this will show the save site as template page and you can save your site to template in site collection solution gallery. Hence the recommended way is to use site definition to create new sites in publishing sites. Especially internet sites which are having heavy customization and style complexities will make use of site assets and site pages folder frequently for file and data storage.  We can create a simple out of the box (OOB) document library and mark it as site assets or site pages . To enable any feature go to site setting page  then select site features option from settings page menu.

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