Hot mail order bride Vitalia from Donetsk, Ukraine: Smart talented girl is searching for her love!! A man, alone on Christmas, stops in a pet store to let the owners know that one of their fish is choking between the glass and a plant. Ia€™m very honored that youa€™ve awarded me the best actor award a€“ ita€™s great, thank you so much.
Ia€™d like to really thank from the bottom of my heart the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, and Ia€™d like to thank my fellow actors if I may, Cornelius Clark and Philippa George, and all the crew and the production team. When the director called to tell me that I won the Best Actor Award, I was in Shanghai to participate in Shanghai International Film Festival. My sincere thanks to all the juries for giving me this award which is a huge encouragement. I also want to thank my family for giving me unlimited freedom to do whatever I want, my agency, Kaohsiung City Government ,the whole a€?The Palace On The Seaa€? crew, Wang Shin-Hong, Fan Sheng-Xiang, Jacky, Peter Chen, Chou Cheng, Morgan, Sheng-Wen, Yon Chaw and director MIDI Z, who believed in me. I will keep working hard, keep discovering more about myself and the world, and share all of it with the audience.

Collection of world's best short films are compiled in "ANNIVERSARY" DVD, now on sale at LOUNGE by Francfranc (Minami Aoyama store) and other locations. Ita€™s Peter Faulkner here from a€?All the Pain in the World.a€? And Ia€™m feeling all the delight in the world.
Overtaken by hunger he stands paralyzed in front of a steamed bun shop where the owner is preparing delicious warm buns. Most importantly, I want to thank Mr.Dong A Cheng,the director of this film, I appreciate for your trust. A ghost of a woman who came from afar has been lingering nearby, searching for the way home. I didna€™t think about whether I would be given an award or not during SSFF, because every time I watched myself on the big screen , I would always find numerous flaws in my performance.
I believe that when I perform, my personality, as well as my enthusiasm and persistence as an actress is channeled into the character I play and can be seen by the audience. I would like to thank the wonderful staff, cast and especially the director, who brought out the best in my performance.

His classmate Eri is sympathetic, but turns a blind eye in order to fit in with her friends. And obviously a big thank you to Tommaso Pitta for directing us with such grace and style, and for providing the brilliant script. And after that I called the director again to confirm this good news, then share it with all my friends! When their mother’s funeral brings the two brothers together again, they are forced to confront their old conflicts and resentments.
As soon we are calming down and being connected to our own truth and we are surrounding to everything that is around us we have that kind of present! So, thata€™s it, as you can see the animals are all well, the fish wasna€™t harmed in the making of the film.

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