Sometimes you and your stomach just need comfort foods from home (sadly you can’t find Philly soft pretzels or cheesesteaks with Amoroso rolls on the road).
So a few American Diners in Paris finds for your next visit (great if you have kids or picky eaters in your group).
Expecting to see many tourists as the restaurant has a lovely view over the Seine, it was pretty empty on a Tuesday night.  Frankly, this area of Paris, the 15th arr, doesn’t quite see the influx of tourists that the others do. Looking out at the restaurant, the design is really appealing.  It’s cool, a bit trendy with a spot of fun mixed in – I spied Campbell’s soup cans on the shelf as decorating pieces. So this year, when I stayed in the 5th arr, at Hotel Atmospheres again, I visited Breakfast in America because it was reliable, reasonably priced and good.  I still haven’t tried their burgers that many students were enjoying (the Sorbonne is nearby). Their small space is classic American diner with the red leather seats, counter service and chrome details.

Walking around the city, I passed a cafe that was full of happy people during the day so I made a note to return later.
The decor really didn’t scream Paris, you could be anywhere USA enjoying a burger, fries and a milkshake.  The food was freshly prepared and delivered to my table since there wasn’t a crowd.
So just because you are in Paris, doesn’t mean you need to go only to French cafes in search of the “authentic” meal and experience (I will have a post on three French foodie finds soon).
What Readers Have To Sayphilatravelgirl on Three Luxury Family Vacations for Adventure Year RoundJoe Mitura on Three Luxury Family Vacations for Adventure Year Roundphilatravelgirl on The 27 day African Safari Itinerary – Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africaphilatravelgirl on Look Inside! The restaurant was part of the mall that included the movie theatre and M&S food market which are more neighborhood than tourist attraction. When I returned the next night for dinner, I realized it was a cute diner (inside) named Loulou’ Friendly Diner with an outdoor seating area on Blvd Saint-Germain and everyone was eating burgers so I ordered a burger.

The portion size was good and the food was quite tasty.  It’s funny that for a moment I felt guilty eating a burger in Paris but then with greasy yumminess in hand, I quickly forgot that and my stomach was happy. Welcomed with popcorn, I quickly ordered a glass of red wine (my American diner doesn’t serve wine) but had to sit with  my back to the Seine due to the strong sunlight streaming in (a few people in the know, speaking French, were wearing sunglasses at the table and only in Paris does this seem ok to do). With a mix of students, couples and groups of friends, this seemed like a popular cafe and I can see why.

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