This self-promotional piece was developed to creatively send employers a resume with examples of my work. This new poster is for the Andrew Peterson show at the Christian Student Center on May 23rd. Perdue Creative creates a Christmas card for their clients and donates honeybees via Heifer International. Von Glitchka shows us how to create a high concept self promotion design in a small space - the size of a business card. Character designer Andrew Groves shows us how much impact a self promotional postcard design can have. Hydro74 illustrated a spectacular illustration self promotion set of stickers in Illustrator. This tutorial by Collis Ta'eed shows how easy it is to create a set of business cards using an online vendor.
This timeless tutorial shows how to take pages printed after composing in Illustrator and bind them. In this Vector Premium Tutorial LoungeKat shows us how to create an integrated self promotion campaign.
In this months business card showcase. The clean, simple look is very attractive business cards design. The pieces include a passport-folio with photographs of my design work  and a visual resume map! Von calls these "concept cards" and they showcase his style, technical skill, and how he creates visual solutions. This is a great way to promote your print design services to send out to potential clients and to use as leave behinds after client meetings. In this tutorial Luke O'Neill uses Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, numerous card stocks, and traditional design tools. Learn how to maximize the space on these mini canvases to create engaging print promotions that are cheap to produce and will let your clients know you're available for work. Learn how sticker robot transforms these vectors through the silk screen and die cutting process to make a gorgeous print promo set.

Learn loads of tips on setting up your booklet, choosing the right paper, and getting your promo piece to stand out from the crowd. Chris Spooner shows us how to design a doodle inspired creative business card, which is filled with playful and fun designs - drawn directly in Illustrator.
Steven Bonner shows how to create a printed book that creatively promotes a group of illustrators artwork cohesively. Numerous mediums are explored in these promo print runs, from stickers, to books, tote bags, stamps, and t-shirts. Illustrator Ben Mounsey walks us through the process of making a stylish illustration ready to use on business cards, postcards and tear sheets. Learn how to use Illustrator's multiple artboards to set up your file as well as basic tools to create this artwork.
Learn how to create a promo for print with little prepress or production skills - do it the easy way. Professional designers have learned that attracting the attention of art directors is a competitive challenge. Creative directors often hold onto these kinds of self promotional pieces, pinning them to boards in their studio, and grabbing them when your style is needed.
You'll be further transported behind the print production scenes by Vahalla Studios where they run through the postcard print design process.
While Aaron uses Photoshop here, you could just as easily use Illustrator or InDesign to set this up. Also learn to use Adobe Acrobat Pro to make sure your business card is set up as print ready.
Learn more about pushing your self promotional creations into new market channels and grab the attention of Art Directors that are actively hiring creative pros. Check out Envato StudioChoose from over 5 million royalty-free photos and images priced from $1. He runs through his creative process from concept, sketch, vector build, through to printing.
There's no better way to stand out from the abundance of online digital marketing materials than with a well crafted, beautiful print creative promotion.

Working closely with your print vendor you can create a sticky campaign that will help you build your reputation with new clients. The tips you'll learn in this tutorial will help push your next graphic design self promotion over the top.
Learn how to plan the design, organize the images, layout the book, commission the final design for print, and more. They are simply designed and then exported as PDF's ready for uploading to the print vendor. With the wide selection of paper stock today you can push the boundaries of what Art Directors expect, and wow them with a creative promo book that matches your artwork's style. These successful self promos will get you thinking creatively about how to make your money work for you and grab attention. In addition you'll discover how to maximize your promotion by working this into your website online as well. The more creative your graphic design self promotion is, the better you will stand out from the crowd, get noticed by art directors, and increase your odds of landing that gig you're aiming for.
Learn how to create a self promo mail-out your potential clients can hold in their hands, and keep in their offices. This graphic design self promotion would make a strong impact arriving on an Art Directors desk. Following are an assortment of print tutorials that use Adobe Illustrator and creative ingenuity to push an artist's visual style to the front of the pack.
For graphic design self promotion a strong brand will make a big difference in the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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