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It’s been six years since Amazon acquired CreateSpace, an on-demand publishing platform, and almost four years since they announced the free online setup for self-publishing.
The truth is, print-on-demand publishing is the fastest, most profitable and easiest way to get your written thoughts out there.
Of course, self-publishing means you don’t get the marketing resources that come with a traditional publishing deal, but in our world of social media, that can be easily fixed.
When writing your book, make sure it has all the necessary parts: introduction, acknowledgments, dedication, resources, table of contents and copyright page. Once you’ve completed the writing process, you can easily set up a new book in your CreateSpace account.
While the interior file is relatively easy to create yourself using a template, the cover of your book may be a little more challenging. The community section of the site warns all first-time authors that they might need to view multiple proofs of their book until they’re satisfied. Once you are ready to hit “approve” on your proof, you can set up the distribution information for your title and select your sales channels.
CreateSpace does not offer a hardcover option at this point, so if that’s a deal breaker, you'll have to choose another platform (like Lulu) to publish your book. Once Amazon creates the initial listing, you can update it with additional information or edits via Amazon Author Central (this requires opening an author account).
If you're planning a digital release, it might actually make sense to delay the release and encourage people to get the paperback first.
Considering the ease and effectiveness of the self-publishing process, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more and more self-published books in the next few years.
SPBH Editions is a London-based contemporary photography publishing house that challenges the traditional boundaries of bookmaking to realise exceptional artist projects in the form of limited edition publications. SPBH Editions evolved from the curatorial project Self Publish, Be Happy and from that community and experience comes the ongoing pursuit of the book as an artwork. SPBH Editions has most recently published books by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, Cristina De Middel, Mariah Robertson and Lorenzo Vitturi, and established series such as SPBH Book Club, SPBN and SPBH Pamphlets. I chose to self-publish because I didn’t want to wait on someone to give me approval to write my books. Purpose: A Library of Congress catalog card number is a unique identification number that the Library of Congress assigns to the catalog record created for each book in its cataloged collections. Purpose:The purpose of the ISBN is to establish and identify one title or edition of a title from one specific publisher and is unique to that edition, allowing for more efficient marketing of products by booksellers, libraries, universities, wholesalers and distributors.
To avoid the possibility of hard drives crashing and losing everything, I just used Google Docs to write my books. I wrote the first draft of my Good Excuse Goals book in 30 days by using the methodology I talked about in the book. With The 8 Cylinders of Success, I did my best to make the book an experience rather than just a book. They say there is nothing new under the sun, so why should you write your book if a similar one has already been written? Unless you become a best seller, I’m not sure if selling books is your business model. While four years seems like a long time in our fast-paced world, self-publishing still hasn’t reached the mass audience. Today, self-published books are even distributed to traditional outlets like Barnes & Noble and academic libraries. If you choose to prepare the files yourself, as opposed to using CreateSpace professional services, you need to make sure to set up the appropriate margins, headers, page numbers and other formatting elements. The setup process guides you through simple steps of inputting the book title, description, and credits, choosing the book size and paper color, and finally, uploading the files (one for the interior, one for the cover).
Again, the site offers a variety of solutions for beginners (such as building a simple cover using their online Cover Creator tool) and advanced authors alike. At this point, the CreateSpace team looks at every file and checks for potential issues before approving for print. It’s helpful to have at least two to three other people reading the printed copy of your book — each might discover separate issues that the others hadn't noticed.

This is where you'll set up your book’s price and calculate royalties based on the book’s size, number of pages and type of paper.
For most independent authors, because hardcover books cost more to print, you may not be able to profit from them, which is something to consider. Here you can actually create a nice author page with your full bio and headshot, which may help your sales. Releasing a digital version of your book could be a great reason for a secondary marketing push, so plan it wisely. Here again CreateSpace supplies a suite of on-demand marketing solutions from a press release to video trailers. At this point self-publishing still remains an uncharted territory for independent content creators, which means it’s the perfect time to get on board.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Librarians use it to locate a specific Library of Congress catalog record in the national databases and to order catalog cards from the Library of Congress or from commercial suppliers.
I basically sent an email to over 100 friends telling them that I was going to send out a first draft in 30 days to anyone who expressed interest.
Look at it like a music mix tape that you give away for free to build your list and your buzz for your real book. Distributors offer options like print on demand, print to publisher, or print to warehouse.
From what I see, speaking engagements, teleseminars, courses, trainings, and consulting are the best business models for non-fiction authors. Even the biggest social media gurus still take the traditional route, only choosing to self-publish when they've been rejected by mainstream publishing houses. Most people searching Amazon or shopping the book shelves don’t even think to question whether the book was self-published or printed by a publishing company.
To make things easier, the site offers ready-to-print templates that you can download for free and use to write your book.
Unless you are planning on re-publishing or distributing your book with a traditional publisher in the future, or would like to choose your own publisher company name, there isn’t really any value to paying $99 for your own ISBN. If they see something set up incorrectly, they will email you the notes so you have a chance to re-submit your file.
From the research I’ve done, CreateSpace provides the highest profits on a standard trade type book, however I suggest playing with their royalty calculator before you decide on the format and size of your book. It's a decision that not only affects your retail price and royalties, but also the personal cost to buy your own book for press promotions. The last option requires a pro plan upgrade.The pro plan has a one-time fee of $39 with a $5 renewal fee each year thereafter.
You can use the CreateSpace conversion service for Kindle ($69, takes about 2 weeks) or spend a couple of hours reformatting the book yourself, then converting it into a .prc file using one of the many free downloadable tools. Amazon also offers up-to-date sales reports so you can track how well your book is selling. I tried to explore the changes into the places of my childhood memories by making them collide with reality. For those of you who plan to write self-help books like me, your chapters should be titled according to your audience’s problems or pains.
Even Paulo Coehlo, one of my favorite authors ever, faces writer’s block and procrastination.
Co-Authoring can speed up the writing process and give the book more character since—two voices can be better than one. You can write a short E-book on a related topic to your book to give people a free taste of the quality of your writing. Each of my books was based around a movement or community I was already serving via courses and trainings such as Driving School for Life, The 30 Day Do It Movement, and The Route 66. For example, I included color text and special characters that wouldn't print correctly, and the review team caught both and sent me an email. For example, after increasing the font size of my book I discovered that it added 20 pages, which resulted in almost $0.50 less royalties per book. It makes your book available to thousands of retail and online outlets, including Barnes & Noble, libraries and more.

The reality is that the direction taken by mankind, is far from reaching a better future which would leave our children better off their parents. Under certain circumstances, however, a card number can be assigned before the book is published through the Preassigned Card Number Program. This requires research on your part via a survey (use Google Forms), just talking to quite a few people dealing with the challenge you are addressing, and interviewing experts. The first one is the actual book and the next one is for ideas that I want to incorporate into the book. If you want to raise the stakes, promise someone you will give them $100 if you don’t send the first draft by a certain date. Sometimes people will try to write the book they never wrote through you by giving you their opinion. For instance the younger generation may read online or via audio books, on their iPod, when they’re on the bus after school.
If you were a librarian and had to categorize your books, you could probably create sections—self help, financial, spiritual, fun, autobiographies, etc. My books don’t guarantee that new lines of business open up, but they do serve as the best business card I know of. The review process usually takes up to 24 hours, after which you can order a physical proof copy to check over before putting your book for sale. Although there is no guarantee these stores will actually pick up your book, at least it will be included in a distribution list. If your title is already listed on Amazon, the Kindle version will be automatically matched. At the end of the day, you have promote your book via speaking engagements, partnership deals, radio and TV interviews, blogging, etc. The first chapter should address their biggest challenge and then you should work your way down. There can be too many voices and no clear flow and it could take twice as long if the co-authors aren’t on the same page.
They take care of all of the shipping to the customer and you can distribute through Amazon through them.
It would be a lot easier if I let one of these companies handle it, so I don’t have to go back and forth to the post office to ship envelopes and boxes. It says a lot about who you are and what you know and you can use it to open doors to new opportunities. While the eStore listing is created immediately, Amazon listings take about five to seven business days.
The audience is looking for insights, answers, how to steps, and examples that they can relate to.
If you think someone has a unique opinion that complements your opinion and will thus add more value to the reader, then go for it. For instance, I wouldn’t write a thick book with dense vocabulary with simple black and white text for a younger audience. Authors and publishers are getting more creative with layout though too much innovation can increase costs. If you self-publish and the book blows up, you can get published by someone later, but by then, you will have the upper hand in the deal. In fact, it intrigues me to read more books in that space based on new concepts and insights I got from the first book.
The other great thing is that if I find an error or want to make a change to the book, I can edit the PDF, re-upload, order another proof and approve it.
To be honest, the cost per book is almost the same as printing in bulk on my own and I don’t have to go to the post office at all. And the fact that both of those books exist didn’t stop me from writing The 8 Cylinders of Success. And almost everyone who has bought my book probably has one or both of those books on their shelf at home.

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