With the presence of popular casual hook-up apps like Tinder and Grindr, you would think that guys log onto dating websites every day for one thing and one thing only—sex! Whether you’re looking near or far for love, don’t limit yourself to the local neighborhood dating scene.
Using them may be fun and exciting initially, but instant gratification isn’t always the best way to go if you know that eventually you might want the opportunity to settle down with someone in the future. It’s perfectly acceptable to tell them the basics: where you went on your date, what kinds of conversations you had and whether or not you think you’ll see the woman again. Even if you feel like you’ve known the girl forever as a result of prolonged communication through online dating, you shouldn’t pressure her to have sex on the first in-person date. While 24 percent of respondents believe that these kinds of relationships are considered cheating, this may not be the case if you are truly friends with other women or have been able to make peace with an ex and continue being in each other’s lives as supportive friends and nothing more.
In the end, it’s just not true that all men are dogs—guys are just looking to be held at a higher standard these days. Being hurt by someone can destroy trust and erode a relationship, and this can also lower the self esteem and confidence of the individual who is feeling the pain.

Love isn't suppose to hurt, So if you're constantly worrying, crying, & stressing.You need to move on.
It turns out, though, that this is a major misconception when it comes to what most guys want when pursuing women, especially when talking to them online.In reality, 70 percent of American guys who are open to meeting someone through online dating are actually looking for a serious relationship over a physical one, according to the results of a recently released survey on men’s attitudes and perspectives toward relationships and online dating (the survey was conducted by Harris Interactive in conjunction with online dating website AnastasiaDate). If you want to be a part of a relationship that has the potential to evolve into something a little more serious, say so. Expand your horizons, and go out of your way to meet women who are “beyond the girl next door.” In fact, according to the survey referenced above, 42 percent of men said that they would even be open to dating someone from another country!
Take your time meeting different kinds of women, both online and offline, and be patient for the right one to come around. If you’re ever unsure as to whether or not what you’re doing is cheating and you really care about the person you’re actually with, it’s probably best not to move forward with your decision. A first date is still a first date, no matter how you spin it, so you need to spend some time interacting with each other in person before figuring out whether or not you want to make things physical.
If you want a future with a woman, make sure that the two of you are on the same page with this issue to avoid awkward or resentful feelings later on.

If you take the time to get to know the person you are dating, it will definitely pay off in the long run. Once someone has caused emotional or physical pain this can be very hard to recover from, and it may take a significant amount of time for things to go back to normal if this is even possible. Only decide to meet in person once you feel a certain level of comfort together and know that you are both truly intrigued to take the next step toward a more committed relationship. Keep private things to yourself, and your friends will actually think highly of you for doing so. Being hurt by someone can refer to infidelity or another type of betrayal, or it can refer to physical injury and abuse.

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