You can expect: Miami is known for being a rude place and very hard for single's to meet a long term partner. Please be respectful to others in the group and be willing to meet new people, even if you may not be romantically interested. My events have been featured in the Miami Herald, MTV's MADE, My33, WLRN, and CBS4 and more.
You want to meet people with more substance than what you usually find at the Miami club and bar scene.

Most events are held at restaurants, pubs, and lounges, but really it's up to the members to decide where the next event should be, so make some suggestions! Miami can be a pain in the butt to find a long-term partner so I would like to make your job easier by starting this meetup. Members are also more than welcome to suggest and host events on their own as long as you are doing it to contribute, not to sell something. Membership to this group is  entirely free and the events are free unless the places we go to charge for food, drinks, or entry.

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