This group is for single parents that would prefer to meet other single parents in the local area without the hassle of online dating with such as match, Okcupid, POF, etca€¦. This Meetup no longer has an Organizer.Without an Organizer, it will disappear from our website in 1 day(s).
This group is a companion meet-up to Single Parents of Rochester - Parents Without Partners (PWP) official meetup group. I know how difficult it is for an Indian person to be going through a divorce or to be a single parent so I would like this group to emotionally, physically, and mentally support each other and build a good community for us and for our kids.
No more sorting thru endless messages that say simply a€?hia€? a€?how are youa€? a€?what upa€? or sending dozens of messages simply to be ignored with no response.

This will also be a group for former members of the official site who are no longer eligible to officially belong to PWP. We know the daily routine we have as single parents with work, raising kids, cleaning house, helping with homework etc. It is not easy, then on top of that trying to meet someone and start a relationship almost feels impossible at times. I have been on several first dates when the online chatting went great then we meet in person and it was a disaster. So leta€™s skip trying to find the perfect profile pic, filling out the tell me about you in one paragraph nonsense.

We can gather in a social setting, relax, and just be yourself without trying to impress that one person.

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