Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. Stem a Zombie Attack on Your Android DeviceA mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home, and your only defense is an arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants. Each zombie has its own special skills, so you'll need to think fast and plant faster to combat them all.

Game FeaturesSend the undead back to their graves by pummeling them with an army of fearsome flora. Use peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs, and more to slow down, confuse, weaken, and mulchify 26 types of zombies before they reach your front door.
But be careful how you use your limited supply of greens and seeds: as you battle the fun-dead, obstacles like a setting sun, creeping fog, and a swimming pool add to the challenge.

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