On-Site Safety & Environmental protection responsibilities include: Hazard & Operability Reviews including Health & Risk Assessments. We are committed to conduct business in an environmentally friendly manner and to establish programs and practices that meet customer & statutory requirements. We keep ourselves informed of current environmental regulations and encourage a commitment to environmental protection by the client and all members of the project team. CAE successfully executed over 825,000 man-hours of work in the field without incurring a single Day Away from work or physical Recordable Injury. Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance recertified CAE for the Quality Management System Standards BS EN ISO 9001:2008. The Quality Management System is applicable to: engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning, start-up and maintenance services of electrical, instrumentation and control systems, for the oil and gas industry (both onshore and offshore), petrochemical industry, water and electricity sector, infrastructure sector, power sector, and large scale industrial projects. CAE, as a certified member of British Safety Council, is committed to working towards Health, Safety and Environmental Best Practice. The award is presented to CAE for their continued work in supporting Costain Abu Dhabi reach the milestone of 10M Man Hours without a lost time injury.
On May 5th, International Hand Hygiene Day, the Health Service Executive, with the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland, launched their updated national hand hygiene guidelines and a core infection prevention and control knowledge and skills handbook in the RCPI, Dublin.
It was an opportunity for local Hand Hygiene and Infection Prevention Control Quality Improvement Initiatives to be shared and discussed and we were delighted that SureWash was mentioned more than once during these presentations!
See attached for the message from Dr Rob Cunney Clinical Lead HCAI and AMR Clinical Programme.
Explain to inductees the importance of site inductions as all sites are different and have a wide range of hazards which will change as the site develops.
Ensure that all inductees are made fully aware of the site procedure for recording who is on site at any given time. Stress the importance of good housekeeping to prevent slips, trips and falls and remove material that could fuel fires. Environment & Waste Disposal All waste should be disposed of in the correct skips Under no circumstances shall liquid waste, such as paints or solvents, be allowed to soak into the ground or be poured down drains. Ensure that inductees are made aware of the different types of signage, their colour codings and meanings. Stress that horseplay on site will not be tolerated and could lead to dismissal and the incident being reported to the police or HSE as this could be seen as assault.
PPE means all equipment (including clothing affording protection against the weather) which is intended to be worn or held by a person at work and which protects him against one or more risks to his health or safety.
The event was hosted by Dr Philip Crowley, National Director Quality Improvement Division HSE. These may include but not be limited to the following; Open Excavations, Work at Height, Overhead Power Lines, Confined Spaces, Contaminated Land, Excessive Vehicle Movements, Traffic Management Systems, Fire Risks.
Explain to them that the main purpose of this is to ensure that all persons are accounted for in the event of an emergency situation, not as a timekeeping tool. Reinforce that while management have the responsibility to provide suitable and sufficient welfare facilities (HSE Construction Information Sheets No 18 and No 46) workers have a responsibility to look after facilities and report any damage or vandalism. A high number of accidents occur on construction sites due to workers tripping over rubbish and waste.
Give examples where appropriate: Red Prohibitive (Must not do) No Smoking, No unauthorised entry, Do not touch, No vehicles, etc.

It is not only their safety that is at risk but those around them who could be affected by what they do.
Explain that the playing of loud music on site may affect workers ability to hear safety critical information such as, emergency communications, alarms etc.
You should stress that while much of the following will cover what a principal contractor will do, there is a legal duty on individuals to contribute to safe working and a safe workplace. Ensure that inductees are made aware of specific requirements for the production of risk assessments and method statements where specific hazards are identified.
Explain that any person not accounted for in an emergency will be treated as missing and may put emergency workers at risk by looking for someone who isn’t there. Failing to ensure a tidy workplace is as unsafe and could cause the site to be closed down. Blue Mandatory (Must do) Wear hard hat, Wear eye protection, Wear hearing protection, Sound horn, etc.
Explain that any person reporting for duty under the influence will be treated very harshly and that removal from site is not just a threat. Unfortunately the man’s overalls had inflammable liquid spilled on them and he ended up with serious burns. Not all the slides in this presentation will be applicable to your situation and you will have to consider what additional site specific information you will need.
Make inductees aware of areas of work that will require specific authorisation to proceed such as a Permit to Work.
Ensure that they know the different routes (KEEP THEM CLEAR) that they may have to use to leave the site and where they should assemble for a role call. IPAF- Powered access (scissors and boom lifts) PASMA- Alloy tower systems NRSW- New Roads and Streetworks’ Supervisor and operative card For some activities it may be that there is not a scheme but evidence of training is required e.g.
Explain that failure to comply with this requirement may result in disciplinary action being taken against offenders. Yellow Caution (Hazard warning) Fragile roof, High voltage, Asbestos, Fork lift trucks, Low headroom, etc. Make inductees aware of the Company Drug and Alcohol policy (if appropriate) and inform them of the procedures for testing and counselling. However, where PPE is the only effective means of controlling the risks of injury or ill health, then employers must ensure that PPE is available.
It also just happens that most of the vehicles we drive are world cars as well, so what you read here possibly applies to the models you can get at home. Ensure inductees are made aware of restricted areas and the reasons for the control measures in place.
Ensure that they know where fire fighting equipment is situated, that they are trained to use any fire equipment and that they should only attempt to fight small fires, have a clear escape route and only after the alarm has been raised. Green Safe Condition (The Safe Way) First aid, Escape route, Assembly Point, Eye wash, Emergency phone, etc.
Ask the inductees if any of them are on medication for a specific medical condition which may impair their performance to make this known to their manager so that appropriate measures can be put in place.
Employers must assess the work being undertaken and the environment his employees will operate in when determining the appropriate PPE to be worn. Explain to inductees that all signs will have a pictogram as well as text indicating the condition required.

The only major omissions are the DVD gaming and movie kit, the television set and the camera that lets you see where you are reversing.
Explain that some signs may contain a combination of two or more conditions for example; Danger LPG (yellow) No smoking (Red). Main Contractors must check that all subcontractors are conforming by providing PPE for all their employees (those who are self-employed for tax reasons, but who otherwise work in an employee – employer relationship are also entitled to receive PPE) free of charge.
Risk Assessments must also highlight any additional PPE requirement from the above example depending on the particular hazards so that appropriate PPE is issued.
You could almost believe it was a petrol engine, unless the reduced rev range on the tachometer clued you in to the truth.The engine is mated to a six-speed a€?intelligent shifta€™ electronically controlled ZF automatic transmission. Employees should be made aware of their responsibility to wear the PPE appropriately, take care of equipment and report any defects.
It offers a a€?sporta€™ mode that delivers more performance-oriented throttle response and gear shifts and features Land Rovera€™s Command Shift operation a€“ giving full manual control of gear changing if desired. Electronic Traction Control and Dynamic Stability Control modulate power supply and braking, ensuring maximum grip in all conditions. Throttle response, gear change patterns and suspension settings are also computer controlled, determined by speed and road (or off-road) conditions. The central differential locks up fully if conditions require greater traction.The Discovery 3 also has Land Rovera€™s patented Terrain Response system that optimises driveability and comfort, as well as maximising traction. The driver simply chooses one of five terrain settings via a rotary dial on the centre console.
Vehicle functions controlled by Terrain Response include ride height, engine torque response, Hill Descent Control (which limits downhill speed), Electronic Traction Control, transmission and differential settings.
The ride height function comes courtesy of the cara€™s air suspension system and includes a a€?loadinga€? position slightly lower than normal travelling height. First, when the upper part of the tailgate is raised, the asymmetrically shaped lower lid reduces load height into the boot.
When both upper and lower halves are opened, the asymmetric shape reduces a€?reach ina€™ distance.
Unlike earlier Discos, the spare wheel is mounted under the body, rather than on the rear door.A nice spin off of the tailgate design is that the upper half can be closed to maintain privacy of your belongings, while the lower half can be used as a picnic table or even as a viewing platform (at the polo, Fortesque). Another nice touch is the electronic parking brake, operated by a square plastic lever on the centre console. This self-releases on pull off, so therea€™s no need to juggle accelerator and handbrake when taking off on hills. Terribly civilised.The HSE spec includes a combination alpine roof and sun roof, so even if you prefer to keep everything closed, the UV-filtering glass top floods the interior with additional light, making for a feeling of open roominess.
Some reviewers hand test cars over to their partners to use as day-to-day transport and barely experience them for themselves.

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