Wanted to take a further look at the local business website area following on from an earlier post here. I have noted with each example the search term I used to find the site and have put this in quotes and I have also provided a link so that you can go and visit the site if you wish. Testimonials from happy customers right in the centre when you go to the page, very powerful. The text immediately beneath the testimonials could be replaced with something more powerful and more text could be inserted here too. I would reduce the height of the photo gallery and in the space that this frees up I would make sure that above the fold you could see the awards they have won along with a credibility symbol (trade association badge or similar) and at least one testimonial. I would get a testimonial above the fold and would reduce the number of slides which could go from the current 5 down to 2. Pictures of the brothers who run the business are good as are the contact details and an award clearly visible.

As a small business ourselves, we are perfectly placed to offer you help and support to get your first small business website online.
Having been in business for over six years we have the experience to help you move forward with your online presence, whatever your requirements. The image expands when you click on it so that you can see exactly what I was looking at when I made the observations that I did. This means the area of the site that is immediately visible when a visitor goes to your site on their computer, not the area they scroll down to. I would do away with the state maps and opt for a more conventional drop down horizontal navigation bar. We worked with our friends at Salesforce to illustrate the six things every small business website needs with this handy blueprint. With affordable pricing, free updates, free support and an eye for great design and effective seo, you have come to the right place.

If you get the above the fold area wrong then you may well lose the visitor before they do anything else.
From being available to being mobile, this is an infographic worth reading and taking advice from.
This is no measure of effectiveness as I do not have access to statistics or conversion rates but these sites should be doing well and some could do a whole lot better with some minor tweaks.
You lose about half an inch at the very top for no apparent reason; also think how much space would be freed up by doing the navigation differently.

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