Think twice before you treat your entire family to an expensive dinner after you’ve been told that you are the lucky winner of the ‘Intera Corporatie-Loterij’.
You are one of many such “winners” who received an email informing them that they can claim a cash prize of 150,000 dollars after disclosing their personal details.
Con artists are sending out a fake T-Mobile invoice to lure people to a mock website where they are asked to provide personal information. Don’t be fooled when you are informed by email that you have won a major cash prize in the International Mega Jackpot lottery. In order to claim the prize you will be sent a special credit card with the one-million-dollar prize on it. Be on the look out for an e-mail claiming to come from Google and telling you that your e-mail address has won you a price in an online sweepstake.
Criminals often ask for an advance payment  to cover what they variously describe as taxes, legal fees, bank fees, etc.  They say they will pay out the winnings once that payment has been made. A lottery scam or sweepstake scam is a type of advance-fee fraud which begins with an unexpected email notification or telephone call promising a large sum of money in a lottery. Never pay up to be able to claim a prize: no legitimate lottery will ever demand up-front payments. The message, supposedly sent by a certain Don Miguel Pablo Gregorio, tells the recipient to open a file attachment. Fraud Help Desk is receiving reports about a fraudulent email pretending to be from Google.

The Microsoft brand name pops up again in the subject line of a lottery email supposedly sent by the Bill Gates Foundation.
For delivery of the prize, recipients need to fill out a form with their personal details, including name, telephone number and email address. Are you one of those lucky winners of the E-mail electronic online sweepstake for using Google services? Scammers are once again promising big cash prizes, this time as part of Scammers are once again promising big cash prizes, this time as part of the “Microsoft Internet E-mail lottery Awards”.
For delivery of your prize, the recipients are told to fill out a form with their personal details, including name, telephone number and email address. If you believe that your email address has been selected for a major cash prize in the Interlotto Euromillion Bono Lotto Program, then please think again. The email looks very credible, having the same typeface and colours of the telecom company. You “can withdrawal the money from any ATM in your country.” The only thing you need to do is to provide a number of personal details so that the credit card can be processed. This e-mail is an example of lottery fraud and has not been sent to you by criminals, not Google.
The message was not sent by the software company, it’s the work of scammers trying to fleece you out of your money.
The message doesn’t originate from the internet giant; it’s the work of scammers trying to make some money.

Disclosing this information may compromise your identity and make you vulnerable to identity theft.
Stop dreaming about spending the prize money, because the email you’ve received is the work of scammers. This is a type of advance-fee fraud and the only winner of this lottery will be the scammer, if you pay the administrative fee or other charges to collect the prize of course.
The fraudsters who have crafted this phishing email (the sender’s address is from Hong Kong) must have used a translation engine. The email attachment lists the 2014 winners holding up posters of their ‘Visa Lottery prize’.
You haven’t won anything, and if you reply to this message, your personal details may fall into the hands of criminals.
This involves random people receiving an email or letter informing them that they are the lucky winners of an international lottery or online sweepstake.

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