This sample was created in ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software using the UML Class Diagram library of the Rapid UML Solution from the Software Development area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. This sample shows the structure of the popular social networking site Linkedin and is used in the business field, in IT, at the projection and creating of the social networking sites.
Using the libraries of the Rapid UML Solution for ConceptDraw PRO you can create your own visual vector UML diagrams quick and easy. The popularity of social networking sites have been rapidly increasing over the last few years.
Social networking platforms gives people the opportunity to access to millions of profiles and meet new people from across the world. Social networking sites allow users to create or join groups where likeminded people can share their thoughts and opinions. Most of the business houses have established their brand presence in social networking platforms.
Why social networking sites are so popular is that business houses are able to reach their potential customers through these platforms.
Facebook friend lists may one day become much more useful than they are at present if the top online social networking site ever finds the wherewithal to implement Facebook lists intelligently and with flexibility in mind. Try to use Facebook friend lists to selectively invite people to Facebook events or to “like” Facebook pages.
For invitations, Facebook could provide a similar friend list selection mechanism to the one the online social network employs for directing profile updates.
Download article as PDF 3 Key Social Media and Web Marketing Strategies for 2011 discussed the decline of open networking on Facebook, the revival of Ning networks and the continued relevance of websites and SEO in building your web presence. Here are several more social media marketing ideas for the new year that can be especially helpful for small business marketers and entrepreneurs. One of the most serious social media and web marketing mistakes I’ve ever made was choosing Online Social Networking as the name of this blog.
I considered naming my blog Social Networking Sites but decided not to, because social networking sites seemed too competitive a keyword phrase for the newbie that I was. I should have considered long term potential and selected more ambitious keywords, just as I have for Gevril, for whom I’ve chosen tough keyword phrases, such as luxury watches and mens watches. The content of your Ning group can be indexed by Google and other search engines, and the greater your group membership, the greater your authority with the search engines will tend to be.

Group activity is displayed in your Ning network’s activity feed and transmitted to Ning group members who elect to follow you. The Pew Research Internet and American Life Project has released new statistics on who is using social media by age group.
Erin Read spearheads integrated and digital marketing programs for organizations targeting mature consumers.
Mature Marketing Matters - Blog by Creating Results, LLC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Why social networking sites are so popular is because they offer many benefits and services and help users to connect with their friends, new people and share opinions with likeminded people. Before social media became popular chat rooms were the only place where people could meet but the drawbacks were you do not get the details of the person you are meeting?
You need not be computer savvy to navigate through social media sites and offer a better way to connect with new people than other channels. They make money by paid advertisements and features like paid games and other applications. Unlike search engines, social networking platforms help companies target potential customers based on demographics. For example, you can create custom friend lists that make sense to you and your personal or business interests. Online social networking is searched for 12K times monthly compared to 250K for social networking sites. Since it was much less popular than the often searched-for term social networking sites, I hoped to rank for it relatively quickly.
Speak on the phone or over Skype even one time to each person, and you’ll surely build solid online relationships. Only a small fraction of matures are using Instagram (5% of 50+ers online) and Tumblr (4% of 50+ers online).
If I want to market to baby boomers and seniors, should I spend my time on Twitter or Pinterest? 10% of baby boomers and 2% of 65+ seniors are using Twitter, for a total of 12% of 50+ers online.
Pew data actually shows that, for the first time in years, there was a decline in the percentage of Internet users aged 50-64 and those 65 and over (38% vs.

Will these statistics about social networkers by age group change your organization’s social media marketing approach?
We are launching a new study to see how the attitudes of Social, Silver Surfershave changed in two years.
In social networking platform, you get more information about the person you meet before interacting with him. Users who are job hunting can post their skills and accomplishments on these networks and make themselves recognizable to these potential employers.
Social networks also provide information of users about their hobbies and interests, which helps the business houses to target their advertisement to the right audience. Unfortunately, however, Facebook went too far with smart lists and let them overshadow our hand crafted lists. Visit my About, Services, Media Buzz and Connect pages to learn about Building Your Audience and Brand on the Web. However, in the long run, I believe that social networking sites would’ve brought me both greater and more profitable traffic. Here is a Q&A that could guide your decisions regarding marketing to matures on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like. 12% of baby boomers and 4% of seniors are using Pinterest, for a total of 16% of 50+ers online.
Social media has a huge share in the job market and users have the option to search for jobs own their own just like any other job portal. You can also (once again!) select which lists of friends will see any particular Facebook update. In fact, there was a decline among Internet users of all ages using online social networks.

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