The all-in-one solution to convert all video file formats to HTML5 compatible OGG, MP4, WebM video formats to play on websites with any Web Browser and Mobile devices. All-in-one solution to convert all video file formats to HTML5 compatible to play on websites and Mobile devices.
I remember my whole family traveling to the opening of the Phesant Lane mall in Nashua, NH.
As my son grows up, I want to make sure he also gets to experience these family moments as well.
My wife and I recently took a trip up to the same mall my family went to over 27 years ago. There isn’t an online site that can help you shop for cosmetics better than my grandmother.
Being an entrepreneur who focuses on consumer software, I’m asked a lot about why I am not in Silicon Valley.
Professionally, the answer is that I have an amazing network of engineers and designers that I can lean on here. I hear in Silicon Valley that entrepreneurs are swooned by investors when they leave a successful gig. In the Boston area, passion and hard work are the resources that I find to be in great abundance. Modern server systems must stay in constant contact with a diverse set of devices, mobile applications, and dashboards. Building successful connected devices requires a new combination of skills that cross traditional boundaries.
Mobile apps have become the primary gateway and interface for almost all connected devices. Constructed thermostat control mobile applications for energy control for a major global energy efficiency and analytics provider.
Provide core back-end engineering for a Platform As A Service (PaaS) provider delivering a turnkey system for connecting Wi-Fi devices to the cloud. Design and build a home control mobile app, server, hardware and firmware for an innovative and patent pending many-to-many control protocol using bluetooth low energy and wifi. Android and IOS applications that interface with an FDA approved, HPPA compliant EKG recorder embedded in a mobile phone case.

Our approach is to have small teams of broadly experienced, senior people work directly with clients. We are leaders in architecting high scale analytic systems and connected product platforms.
After all, Silicon Valley is the place where the resources and people needed to start a company in this industry are in great abundance.
I have spent my entire career in high tech companies in the Boston area and I have worked with so many talented people. Managing scalability, security, and performance requires new architectures and new priorities. We have deep expertise in graphic and UI design, system architecture, hardware design, firmware, mobile apps, and cloud systems.
Intuitive and fun UI, compelling graphic design, high performance and reliability are table stakes for commercially successful products.
Includes real time data monitoring alerts on abnormal readings, configuration and setup of bluetooth device and wifi gateway, device firmware upgrades.
Scale to millions of devices and real time interaction between devices, the web, and mobile applications were core requirements.
Support for both Android and iOS platforms, user management, device configuration and pairing. At the moment we are into the latest javascript like node or angular, ruby, scala, android, iOS and are always testing the next cool thing.
Seasoned professionals averaging 10 years of experience bringing quality and innovation to software products. Times have changes and Jordan Marsh in downtown Lowell moved to the Mall and later became Macys.
She even doubled as a buyer many years ago, back when sales staff were responsible for their own inventory (imagine that!). Sure I would still see them, but the impromptu poppins and unplanned BBQs are what it is all about for me. The worst thing that you can do in the infant stages of a company is to sprint down the wrong path and burn all your funding.
We have extensive experience building high scale platforms for connected devices, large scale analytics, and commerce.

Advised on firmware and cloud architecture leading to a faster time to market and reduced engineering costs. Our high standards go beyond just programming chops: we are proud of being fun people, good communicators and great to work with.
I wear t-shirts I got for free from tech conferences and old sport teams that I’ve collected over the years.
It won’t just be a few or a lot of retailers that will go out of business, it will be ALL of them. Trips into downtown Lowell, MA to visit my grandmother who worked at Jordan Marsh (once Bon Marche).
These companies' infrastructure and supply chains are intertwined and rely on each other to keep costs down and service reliable. No more excitement that comes from the hunt of getting out and really experiencing the purchase.
I had to learn extreme patients as my brother tried on pants for what felt like an eternity.
You can’t take her out to dinner without her knowing someone who purchased cosmetics from her or worked with her over the years. During solving the puzzle you have some helpers at one's disposal which make solving easier. Never again will shoppers experience the feeling of the walk out of the store with bags in hand and having that feeling of accomplishment. When we bring my son into the store, everyone comes over to see Janet’s great grandson. If you also want to please your friends you can send them a created puzzle from the game by e-mail.

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