We all have many different kinds of people in our lives who come and go over the years and there are some who are more special to us than others.
Only a few individuals stay with us forever, and they tend to be either family members or close friends.
The Korean National University of Arts is a place for stars, and Lee Yoo Young talked about her friends from the school.
On the episode of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly” aired on January 30, Lee Yoo Young, one of the rising stars in the industry for 2016, talks about the two other rising stars in the scene, Kim Go Eun and Park So Dam. Big Bang continue to give fans an insider view of how they prepare and wind down from a concert, this time the boys are inShanghai.
Kim Soo Hyunis ever the dashing fellow for his most recent pictorial!The actor showed off his good looks and model fit for mens' fashion brand 'Ziozia', for whom he has modeled with for the past 5 years!This guy really doesn't age either, does he?.. The June 13 episode ofKBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Weekly' featured a real life 'Producer' couple!
On the November 15 broadcast oftvN's'SNL Korea',Kim Bum Soomade an appearance as a guest host. Lots of people end up having several best friends throughout the years and at different stages of their life.

However, only one person can be considered your soul mate, and it’s likely one of the most important figures in your life. You would be so much more satisfied if you knew exactly who your celebrity soulmate should be. That person is the one you often turn to when seeking advice, comfort, reassurance, and guidance.
Find out now and explore the question in depth with this simple quiz, and be thankful that you have that special someone by your side.
They are always there for you in times of need and you know that no matter what you may be facing, it’s guaranteed they will have your back.
Everyone loves honeydew boba!?Sweet and sugary taro!?You're at the hair salon and decide to change up your hair game. You tell them your darkest secrets and deepest desires without fear of them getting out or you being judged. You two can show off your swag and charm together and flip off the haters who just don't understand.Pop Quiz: Which Big Bang member is your soulmate?TaeyangYou belong with the sweetheart with the eye-smile, Taeyang!
Like you, this awkward and sweet country bumpkin might make a few bumbles and missteps here and there, leading to plenty of embarrassing moments.

You two can talk about your passions and keep each other pumped up for your dreams.Pop Quiz: Which Big Bang member is your soulmate?DaesungYou belong with the adorably spastic Daesung! However, all he wants is to see his girl safe and happy, and his intense loyalty is unmatched by any other.
Like you, he's eager to please those all around him to make sure that everyone stays happy all the time. Together with Daesung, you two can share in each other's worries and encourage each other through life's roller coaster ride.Pop Quiz: Which Big Bang member is your soulmate?SeungriYou belong with the loud and proud, excited Seungri! Because of his innocent, aloof personality, you'll never find yourself sad when you're around him, and he'll always be able to cheer you up after a rough day.Pop Quiz: Which Kim Soo Hyun drama character is your soulmate?Do Min Joon (You Who Came From the Stars)You got Do Min Joon!
Plus, his intelligent and all-knowing mind can help think of a solution to any mishap you may encounter, as he can get you out of any sticky situation.

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