Poems may be written for someone you love, like your sister, your dad, your father or any good friend or a lover.
If you share a poem (by any poet) that reflects your emotions and desires with the one whom you want to communicate, then it’s the best way to get noticed in his heart. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
You unsaid words can be more effectively turned into your precious words in the form of a poem.

The emotions which one can’t say in words can be expressed very well in the form of poetry. It is another form of defining your sensitivity in a better way that touches the heart of the reader. I myself find short poems very interesting and I am really fond of them and love to share with the important people in my life at appropriate occasions. When a person fails to express his inner feelings, then he has no way to burst out and relieve himself, except transforming his emotions into words.

So here I am bringing heart touching short poems to be shared with your loved ones, your mom and dad.

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