Your Guide on Washington DC Speed Dating EventsPicking the Right Speed Dating Washington DC Event for You! It’s no lie that Professionals in the City offers the best Washington DC speed dating events. When trying to pick the best speed dating event for yourself, try asking which questions are important to you. Now that you have some great tips on which Washington DC speed dating events to choose from, its time to sign up! The Collaborative invites 20s and 30s to explore the pulse of Philly and its Jewish community through experiences we can only describe as a social smorgasbord! There are a lot of dating gurus out there that say you should go to bars and clubs to meet girls and to use routines and to tease them and so on. Going to a bar or club are filled with a lot of women there to be sure, and hot ones at that!
Your main places of securing dates however are from speed dating events, online personals, and other filtered venue. This is the key to understanding the venues you participate in, and could make or break your efforts.
Unlike an unfiltered venue like a club or bar, all the people in a nonfiltered venue have nothing in common with each other. Like, I am just trying to give back to the world all the great adventures I’ve had getting really good at dating and I have to say that speed dating events have been the kindest to me, and it can be to you too! Our Speed Dating events for this age group always sell out so be sure to reserve your tickets before they are LetMyPeople Gone Gone Gone. The Ball, our famous annual December 24 event, is bigger than any Matzo Ball® party in the country and bigger than any event ever thrown by JDate®!
Don’t forget to check out Pros in the City’s calendar weekly as new events are always popping up!

At this event, we expect around 10 men and 10 women to participate, and each date will be 5 minutes. I know that a lot of guys may be apprehensive about going to a speed dating event, but this is unfounded. But the problem is that there is are a lot of competition and it’s difficult to convey who you really are in a setting like that because the alcohol is flowing, women are in large groups, and there are a lot of guys that are good looking. What that means is that in a filtered venue, everyone there has some reason that they are there. They are offered almost every night of the week varying up its age ranges, themes and even venue locations. You are thrown into this room full of people and speak with them face to face for a few minutes at a time.
Collab staffer Danielle volunteers as a matchmaker on the site and will work personally with you. Like a speed dating event, everyone is there because they want to meet a potential girlfriend (or boyfriend if you’re a woman).
At first glance you might be overwhelmed with all of the choices that they have to offer, but we have a few tips to help you find your way to the best speed dating suited for your type and personality. Majority of the singles will be in that age range at the event, although it is also open to singles who want to meet singles in that age range as well. If you’re worried about tackling the speed dating events alone or wondering what to discuss then we have two great options for you.
You will get numbers and maybe even a few dates, but the main purpose of you going to a club or bar should only be to practice being around women and to face social pressure to make you confident around people.
Our speed double dating events invite you to bring a long a friend, or get matched up with someone while at the event. Of course there are a few regulars sprinkled in here and there but majority of the people coming to these events are all new.

So you can feel better knowing that you won’t be the only novice speed dating Washington DC goer. Then perhaps you would want to try our speed dating for professionals with Post Graduate degrees. You’ll always have that buffer to your side and help you keep the conversation flowing.
We try our best to balance the ratios as well but we can’t control if people decide not to show up and so on. Some of our Post Graduate datings also have an age range attached to them while others are open to all ages.
Remember, the more specific we get in our titles, the less amount of people it could apply to. If this is the case, the gender that has more of one than the other would just have a few breaks during the rotations.
So if you like a big crowd with lots of options then an open dating is likely best for you. But if you are very picky and want only people you are going to seriously be interested in then by all means, choose those specified datings and save yourself some time!
You won’t have to keep saying the same thing over and over (I’m from the midwest, I work for the Government, I have a cat, blah blah) We will change up your conversation each time! But again, we do not know what each event will bring as we don’t ask for this information upon sign up and we do not discriminate either.

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