Read the quotations below and reflect on them, allowing them to reveal their deeper meaning over time. If you love quotes on spirituality and have a favorite, be sure to contribute it and share the story of how practicing its wisdom has changed your life. The true meaning of discipline: teach your children to make life-affirming choices on their own.
The secret to living well and longer is: eat half, walk double, laugh triple and love without measure.
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Although some people use the words spirituality and religion interchangeably, they have different meanings.
When we look at the world with an attitude of wonder and awe, we become aware that the world is filled with spiritual life.
Part of spirituality is being willing to admit that something is beyond your comprehension. When we look at the universe and into our own hearts and see that which we don't understand, we know that we have touched that which is unknowable and holy. We believe that he is all powerful and capable of doing anything and yet there is suffering in the world.

On the other hand there is an inherent goodness in mankind which seems to echo God's goodness. If we ask our souls this question in a real way, we will find that we know that we are made from the stuff of eternity.

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