In spring, resorts compete to offer different events to make your holidays even more magical! With less extreme temperatures during the night, why not try out a night in an igloo with a professional who will make this evening unforgettable as well as comfortable! France Montagnes is an association that brings together the major players in the mountain tourism industry of France. Jeremy and James decided to demonstrate two different approaches to painting the destroyed building, depending on the tools you have at your disposal.
Before they got started painting, they washed the resin buildings with soapy water to clean off all the releasing agent. For those of you who don’t have access to an airbrush, James has painted his building entirely by hand. For the rubble, both painters started with a dark, neutral brown and applied a series of dust-coloured drybrushes. For anyone foolish enough to attempt a similar decoration project, we have included a printable template with a small selection of the latest fashionable designer patterns.
The objective of France Montagnes is to promote the mountains of France on a national and international level. We recommend that you wash all of your resin this way so that the paint adheres better to the model.

The external walls were drybrushed with a succession of dull greys, starting with Greatcoat Grey (FWP305), followed by Worn Canvas (FWP306) and finally Whitewash (FWP307).
Jeremy used a wash of Brown mixed with Black Shade over the base colour to intensify the contrast. Cut out the decal, weather it as much as you would like and then stick it onto the building. It will still print on US Letter paper, just make sure that page-scaling is turned off, and you should be set for any sized paper! Since a lot of the rubble would probably consist of pulverized brick, drybrushing some of your brick colour or colours looks good too. The Aero is molded from a black matte plastic for sturdy support and comes with cushion pads to keep your truck from sliding around. For all you hardcore wrenching types, Maclan Racing has announced a pair of new Carbon Fiber Car Stands. They look ultra-trick and their carbon fiber construction makes them both lightweight and strong. The folks at Dynamite RC saw the need for a strong, safe, 5th scale car stand and have just announced a new product to make working on your 5th scale a whole lot easier. Made from polycarbonate, the Finnisher car stand was designed specifically for 10th scale off-road and on-road vehicles.

The Hudy car stand gives you a stable base to help make wrenching easier, while rubber feet prevent it from slipping around your pit area.
Made from a tough alloy and power coated black, it makes your car easier to wrench on while making your pit spot look sano. The new motocross inspired stands from Pro-Line are powder-coated blue and made from a tough alloy. The crew over at FastLane Machine have a beefy model that works on everything from 5th scalers on down. Their part number #FLM10 car stand is fully adjustable and is made out of trick looking aluminum. You could sit in your favorite easy chair and wrench with your truck in your lap (losing all your screws and getting dirt everywhere), or you could set up a proper table and do the job right. The stand is machined out of 6061-T6 alloy and is left with a natural finish that can be easily polished to a shuper shine. The stand allows you to mount and lock the vehicle in place, has a wide base with adjustments for all types of cars and trucks.

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