The Oregon Veterans' Homes provide comfortable residences for veterans who have honorably served our country, or for their spouses, who are now in need of skilled nursing and rehabilitative or Alzheimer's care.
The Secretary of State's Office will be closed on Monday, May 30 in observance of Memorial Day. SpecificationsThe secretary of state is the custodian of the official artwork for the state flag and seal.
The crest consists of a nest bearing three chicks, a mother pelican vulning herself with her head turned to the viewer’s right and displaying three drops of blood on her breast.
The crest is to be treated as a single design element, inclusive of the mother pelican, chicks, nest and banner. For positioning purposes, the center of crest is the center of the triangle formed by three drops of blood. The official specifications do not call for other decorations, such as fringe, border, cords and the like. Note on font: The font used for the motto, although always treated as an inseparable element of the crest, is a hand-rendered font for specific use on the flag. State SealThe secretary of state shall supply line art for the seal for metal casting embossed seals and seal devices. The seal consists of a central crest within a circle and an outer circle bearing the state name and ornamentation. The motto is circumscribed around the crest with:  “Union   Justice”  above the Pelican, the words separated by a single bullet, and “Confidence” below the crest, bracketed by bullets.
The state seal shall be reproduced in full, four-color process printing using files provided by the Louisiana Secretary of State's Office, or in black and white using only line art supplied by the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office. The artwork supplied by the secretary of state is to be used as-is with no alterations except sizing as needed. Self-publishing has emerged from the peripheries of the publishing industry to become one of the primary contenders in mainstream publishing. In February of 2012, Taleist conducted a survey that asked 10007 self-publishers 61 questions relating to their self-publishing experiences.

Self-publishing serves as a rewarding platform for those with a story to tell, and consequently, Bowker identified a growing trend within the publishing industry of people opting to take this approach. According to the Taleist survey, 70% of self-published authors were comfortable formatting their own book and designing its interior.
Bowker research identified the two most dominant firms in America to offer support to self-publishers as Createspace and Smashwords. This support system, combined with the fact that self-publishing offers a way of eluding the traditional gatekeepers, yields a more attractive option for publishers. Page ContentKentenia is the oldest state-owned forest, acquired in 1919 as a gift from the Kentenia-Cantron Corp.
Page ContentKnobs State Forest and Wildlife Management Area was added to the state forest system in 2006. Knobs State Forest and Wildlife Management Area is located 28 miles south of Louisville near Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest and the Camp Crooked Creek Boy Scout Camp.
Map of Knobs State Forest and Wildlife Management AreaKnobs State Forest and Wildlife Management Area is managed using the principles of ecosystem management.
The forest is open for day use only unless hunting regulations specify extended hours.  Hiking, wildlife viewing and regulated hunting are permitted. This artwork, in the form of digital files, is to be used as is, reproduced in the manner specified below. The crest, measured through the center vertically and horizontally, is 5 ? units tall (from tip of mother pelican’s head to the bottommost point of banner) by 6 units wide (form tip to tip of banner measured from lowest corner of each tip). These are allowed for display purposes so long as they do not encroach on, obscure or alter the total flag image as specified above. Louisiana state agencies and departments may, however, adopt the seal as their own by adding the agency or departmental name, using the designated font, circumscribed along the bottom portion of the outer circle; the same circle in which “State of Louisiana” is placed. According to research released by American marketing research company, Bowker, self publishing has seen triple digit growth in five years.
The results of the survey reveal some interesting information about the current state of the self-publishing industry.

Between 2006 and the end of 2012, the number of self-published books and digital books in America increased by 287%.
Interestingly, they were much more likely to pay for help with things like proof reading, copy editing, and cover design. Createspace accounts for 39% of all self- published print books, while Smashwords dominates the digital sphere, accounting for 47% of self-published digital books. As we continue to hear success stories from self-publishers, the industry will continue to experience growth and level out the publishing playing field.
It is located in Harlan County along the south side of Pine Mountain in seven scattered tracts totaling 4,081 acres. The division purchased a 1,110-acre tract in July and an additional 429 acres in November 2006 making the total acreage 1,539.
No alteration of the artwork provided by the secretary of state is allowed except as provided below. Liquid State created the following infographic that examines some of the key findings of both of these studies.
In 2011, the 148, 424 books and digital books that were self-published in America amounted to 43% of the yearly total print output. Of the self-publishers interviewed by Taleist, 41% paid for a cover designer and 29% paid for help with copyediting- and for good reason.
The largest of these tracts is accessible by Little Shepherd Trail on the crest of Pine Mountain. Self-publishers who paid for assistance in these departments made 34% more profit than those who took a universal DIY approach.
The forest is open to the public for hunting and fishing and subject to state fish and game regulations.

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