The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction: 6 Steps to Writing and Publishing Your Bestseller! Science fiction and fantasy is one of the most challenging--and rewarding!--genres in the bookstore. Salvatore at your side, you ll create worlds that draw your readers in--and keep them reading!Just as important, you ll learn how to prepare your work for today s market.

Drawing on his years of experience as one of the most acclaimed professionals in publishing, Wizards of the Coast editor Athans explains how to set your novel apart--and break into this lucrative field. From devising clever plots and building complex characters to inventing original technologies and crafting alien civilizations, Athans gives you the techniques you need to write strong, saleable narratives."Plus!" Athans applies all of these critical lessons together in an unprecedented deconstruction of a never-before-published tale by the one and only R.

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