And that's why we're seeking stories of people who have found love -- for the very first time -- after 50.
Our goal is to publish your stories of finding love after 50 the week before Valentine's Day.
Setting- India, Priya (25) is at Nagpur a MBA graduate & Krissh (26) is at Pune a  Broadcast Journalist. It has been 4 months ,she has not even tried to contact me once.Was this love of 3 years which ended up only coz of one fight ?
She is childish yar she don’t know what she is doing, you know her for last 3 years, & you love her like hell, you miss her every single second you breath. I don’t know why I am writing this letter to you, & what would be your reaction on this, but still I can’t resist myself from writing this. It has been more than 4 months you are not there, & you know I have missed you during this like anything. I met her at the tuition classes 3 years ago,we became friends initially which led to become us love birds in next few months. I was in The Royal bus, some sleeper coach or whatever, resting on the seat & wondering deep inside my thoughts.
What do you think of yourself, how dare you do this to me, She started scolding me as we were at our usual meeting place. What the hell, You started it n now you r overreacting as I am responsible for it, I kept my point. Do you trust me Priya I said sitting on my knees, I Krissh Mehra Propose you to be mine for whole life, Will you please…. By the way aunty your earrings are fab,& this necklace suits you a lot my mom got a compliment from her Priya.
I don’t know whether the compliment was real or a trap to be friendly with my mom, but it open my mom’s heart & for next 45 minutes they talked about Curtains, bed sheets, accessories, some daily soaps, uff this females, I don’t know is there a voice box or a chatter box in their  bodies. What, what are you saying Krissh, My statement shooked my mom’s mindset like A land below my mom’s feet has disappeaaraed, Thundering cracked with full force over her head, even my all time expressionless dad got up from the chair & came near us,His statue express was still there he didn’t spoke a word between we two, I think no husband in the world dares to speak between his wife in this type of situations. Ok Lets meet her parents once, my father said, on Which my mother gave a disgust look .ok She said.
I my Channel is going to sent me to USA on an assignment for two months, after that they are going to increase my salary to RS 60000.

I went to USA & got busy in my work though we kept talking on phone once in 3 days, but it was not always possible to talk her at times because of my busy schedule. Do fast whatever you want to do,Krissh I don’t wanna  marry anyone else,I want to be with You all my life. I kept doing their brainwash in these 15 days with the stories how Indian girls were married to NRI faces trouble in foreign, How NRI groom’s behavior changes after weeding & all. Look Mr.Tamankar, A baldy old man sitting with full attitude beside Deepak said addressing Priya’s father. I could not control my rage even though It was Priya’s father’s chance to speek,I got up n shouted “ What the hell you people think you are, shame on your mentality sir. Deepak’s father got up from the couch agitated & said me ‘who are you to speak in between us? Lets leave people ,Joshi shouted for the last time & went out with the people he went in. Will your parents agree on it, & please don’t  do this marriage in any kind of pressure please. No sir, don’t think like that, I will never get a good girl like Priya in whole world,& as far as matter is about my family I need to talked to them about this. This was my love story I just followed my heart,the destiny lead me to a beautiful end .As it says IF YOU WISH SOMETHING FROM YOUR HEART WHOLE WORLD INVOLVES TO GET IT TO YOU. Literary superiority makes a short story famous but it must also reach the intended readers. A prominent and somewhat controversial literary figure during her lifetime, Caroline Lee Hentz was an American educator and writer who began producing impressive stories and plays when barely in her teens. Love After Marriage: And Other Stories of the Heart ePub (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open ePub (Adobe DRM) files.
Don't forget to include your names and ages and please put "love after 50" in the subject line. During there 3 years we have shared all the feelings of being in a relationship, not physically but emotionally. The white curtains & the interior bored me enough that I went in flashback how I used to flirt with her, when we had d most loving talk ever, when was the last time I talked her ,Though I have wrote her my feelings  last night but still I have no clue what was her reaction. My mom asked, My dad leaving his newspaper for a while peeped towards me who was standing at the door.

The Engineering is the national carrier options for most of the Indians but he somehow managed to convince them for journalism.
She came with a tray of tea in her hand,she served tea to Deepak first & then the other guest, That bloody Microsoft idiot was staring her like he has never seen a girl in his whole life,may be he was on of the dumb guys in his college days who have no daring to talk to girls But his parents picks the best looking chick in the cast for him. Let me be very clear, no doubt your daughter is beautiful, your family is one of the very respectful families in our cast. My blood boiled on listening these words from their mouth as it forced me to think what makes people so crazy behind the money that they do not hesitate to sell their son in the form of weeding.
After founding a number of schools throughout the Midwest and South, Hentz settled in Florida. We also had fought a lot,I miss we used to fight in the morning on phone, not talk whole day but at the night we again used to start talking, but after that horrible fight few months back, we have not talked.But I can’t live without her a single second, thats why I m leaving for Nagpur now, this bus will reach tomorrow at the morning there. In India you marriage not only takes place between two persons, it happens between two entirely different families. What kind of people they are ?& why are you silent say something, he is your son though, My mother targeted my dad ordering him to speak in her favor.
They seemed to be impressed but no lines for me for being their son in law was seeming open before me.
But it made me devastated & angry that even a highly qualified fellow like Deepak was not even uttering a word on it. The collection Love After Marriage displays the full breadth of her talent, with stories that unfold in settings ranging from wealthy enclaves to humble Shaker communities.
Only day Priya’s mother told me about Deepak, She also expressed her worries of sending Priya to foreign  as Priya was their 1st child & they love her very much but as this proposal was through her moms brother so they had to agreed to meet them.
The hall was decorated with the flowers & other accessories, I was not welcomed as usual, I thought everybody ignored me. The guy was dressed in heavy blazer ,in this 48 degree summer loaded with white talcum powder n perfume with neatly oil combed hairs of one side of head.

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