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Each set of 40 conversational prompt cards features questions for the bride, groom, and guests, like "Why is the groom good for the bride and visa versa?", "What famous couple do you most admire?", and "What's your best marriage advice for the bride and groom?". Shipping time is the time from when the package leaves our warehouse to when it arrives at your door.
The above listed shipping charges apply to orders shipping within the 48 contiguous United States only. Get your next dinner party started with these fun, clever questions that will have all your guests talking and laughing.

Thought-provoking, fun ice breakers for everyone - it's a perfect host or hostess gift too. Customer is responsible for owning the copyright or having permission from the copyright holder for all images uploaded to this website.
This table topics bridal shower game will not only provide fun and entertainment, it'll also be a great way to see just how well you know the bride or couple to be. Read our International Orders FAQ for information on custom duties, export restrictions and more. If you would like to be notified by email when it becomes available, please enter your email address below. Taboo is always a fun option, but sometimes you just want something more low-key and simple.

Beau-coup will not crop or retouch your photo and is not responsible for the quality of uploaded files. Customer agrees to hold Beau-coup harmless from any claim arising out of the use of copyrighted material. Either way, they both really make you think and it’s fun to get to know your friends, family and significant others better.

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