Russian girls discuss ideas and opinions on marriage to foreign men just as much as foreign men research on the possibilities of finding suitable Russian girls for marriage.
Lovers PlanetВ runs a separate website in Russian, used exclusively by female members, including a forum, which women from all over Russia and Ukraine access for information exchange and discussion.
These are great conversation starters, and you can send them as a free member to a Russian girl you like in order to see if the service works for you. But most Russian girls say that they quickly tire of continued standard messages, because they get too many of them. Most Russian girls on the forum say they trust custom messages more, because it shows that the foreign men sending them are serious about marriage in Russia. Most Russian girls say that they would respond to custom messages provided that the message is from a man who has a well-rounded profile with photographs.
A personalized letter specially written for the addressee, which includes Russian phrases, would have preference.

Sometimes it is rather difficult to talk about yourself, because just people who are next to you can describe you better. I’m hard-working, persistent and initiative; I think that you can achieve something just with hard work and persistence. I respect other people, I always listen to their point of view and never think that it is wrong, because every point of view can exist. But of course like every woman, I can be modest and I think it is not bad, sometimes it is even a big plus for real woman. I’m looking for a kind, caring, tender man, who will support me in any situation and be like my friend. Besides learning Russian, there are few better things you can do than listen in on Russian women discussing their expectations from foreign men on one of the largest forums on Russian dating (23,000+ female members and 12,000+ messages). This is more convenient and economical than other Russian dating websites which charge per message fees – some charge you for every message you read or send to the same lady.

By subscribing to our website you can chat and exchange custom messages with beautiful Russian girls.
A She literally broke the internet with her original video, got hooked up by Kohls and now got to hang with the director of Star Wars and James Corden! By submitting a profile on our marriage website, you certify that you're 18 years of age, or older.

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