Q: With Racism being such a hot issue in 2015, how has The Potter’s House worked to promote unity and bring healing and support?
On the broader stage, we partnered with Bishop Harry Jackson of Hope Christian Church, and James Robison of LIFE Outreach International to launch the inaugural “Reconciled Church” on Dr. Q: Given the legacy of African Americans and the contributions they’ve made to this country, who in your family was a legacy maker and how have they influenced your life? The fact that my father built a prosperous business in a town that was less than five percent black and that my mother could dream of becoming a teacher when in a generation prior it was illegal for blacks to even learn to read and write is a testament to their faith, tenacity and strength of their will. Q: With this also being the month of Valentine’s Day, what message of love do you like to inspire The Potter’s House with? Have a dozen roses sent to your office so that you aren’t the only one with an empty desk on that Friday before the big day. Go to church and then a movie so that you have a schedule to keep and you’re not alone with nothing to do.
Give out of your need for companionship – there’s no shortage of lonely shut-ins, widows and orphans who would appreciate a visit. Do something for someone else, babysit for a single mother, cook a meal or walk the dog for an aging neighbor, etc. Q: Why are you so passionate about TORI and helping ex-offenders successfully re-enter society?
A: At my core, I have a passion to help people reach their destiny or their God-given purpose in life.
In 2000, she got married, bought her first home in Cedar Hill, TX, and began right away starting a family.

She was arrested, held on a $200,000 bond and initially charged with injury to a child; a 2nd degree felony.
Simultaneously, in lockup, she was separated from population and put in a single cell where she was confined 23 hours a day, until she was released on a $50,000 bond. After one year of sobriety, on the one year anniversary of her son’s death, she was contemplating suicide. About DaystarDaystar Television Network is an award winning, faith-based network dedicated to spreading the Gospel 24 hours a day, seven days a week – all around the globe, through all media formats possible. What has it meant to you to have been such a vital part of the Daystar family all these years? From this ministry, many who were released from prison, came to our church, The Potters House, thinking it was a transitional housing facility built for them upon return.
TORI has taught me that even when a person has the tools to succeed, without faith, life becomes a losing battle.  Many of our clients don’t just lack opportunity, but they need deliverance from an old lifestyle and exposure to a new way of life. The story went viral, traveling all over the world; on every news and radio station, the internet, CNN, and even Nancy Grace.
After release, she was shocked to find that her home had been burglarized, her boys had been taken by CPS and placed in her parents’ home, and she subsequently, had no place to go. Although we didn’t offer that through our church, we saw the overwhelming need and I tasked our lay professional volunteers to come to the table and help me create a strategy to meet their needs.  In 2005, we opened the doors of the TORI program in the community and started to serve any person with a criminal background that was needing assistance in reintegrating back into the community.
Hearing their stories, keeps me grounded and non-judgmental, because their lives remind me that we are not defined by our past, we are called for more! Those services included anything from housing, employment, education, spiritual guidance, family reunification, and healthcare issues.

She was a perfectionist; the daughter, friend, sister, co-worker, spiritual guide that everyone came to.
Jakes Quotes (Images) You face your greatest opposition when your closest to your biggest miracle. Graduating high school, she went on to college to receive a degree in Criminal Justice and afterwards, pursue a career in Telecommunications, working with various major corporations. Even with all that, however, seven months later, she relapsed and found herself again before the judge confessing to him about her addiction. This program is part of the fabric of our ministry as serving those who are impacted by incarceration has always been a passion for me.
So, quite naturally, she didn’t think it was a big deal until she received her first DWI, in a blackout, for which she received probation. Since then, she has asked GOD to help her to find the purpose in her pain to transform it into power. Around the same time, her 3rd son, Christian Micah was born and her life would forever be changed!

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