Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. BOONE—“Almost home, forever changed” is how Emily Johnson described her international student teaching experience in Costa Rica last spring. Forty-six prospective teachers from Appalachian State University’s Reich College of Education will travel overseas this semester to teach in schools in Costa Rica, England, India, South Africa or Ireland. A total of 46 prospective teachers will travel overseas spring semester to teach in schools in Costa Rica, England, India, South Africa or Ireland. Peacock said students who travel overseas aren’t placed in “glitzy schools.” They work in local schools, assisting in needed areas of curriculum identified by administrators of those schools. Students travel as groups or cohorts to their international assignments with never fewer than two placed in an international school or district. Students receive on-going support at their host school site by a school principal, a collaborating host teacher, and a host site liaison person who organize student housing, school teaching placements, and other support services. In Ireland, special education majors have worked in a school interested in moving toward inclusion as a focus of their special education program. A program piloted fall semester in South Africa included four student teachers who had a specific teaching focus on English language skills development, which was the interest of the faculty and administration in their co-operating school.

To be considered for the international student teaching program, students must have an overall 3.0 grade point average, have had successful clinical and early field experiences, be recommended by their academic advisor and faculty members from their academic area, and receive a recommendation from the school’s International Student Teaching Selection Committee.
Once selected for the international experience, Jean Peacock, international student teaching coordinator, facilitates student placement and orientation to their host schools and to the college’s expectations of them while abroad.
Senior elementary education major Lydia Newton blogged about her teaching experience in South Africa.
It’s the largest number of pre-service teachers to date who will add the international experience to their resume. Reynolds High School near Asheville, detailed her experiences teaching 8- through 12-year-olds in Costa Rica in a blog maintained by the Reich College of Education’s Office of International Student Teaching at Appalachian State University.
That is part of the early design of the program – to try to get our students to have genuine experiences with diverse populations of learners globally,” he said. Beth Frye from the Reich College of Education worked with the students before they traveled to South Africa to explore the cultural nuances they would face. We really do want to send the very best of our student teacher candidates abroad,” William Peacock said. When you have language challenges and different cultural challenges, you are testing yourself even more.

Pictured are students who taught overseas fall semester 2014 and some of those who will teach at an international school this spring. Peacock, director of early field experiences at Appalachian, hopes for each of the college’s future teachers who spend five weeks of their student-teaching in an international setting. She also traveled with the students to South Africa in order to provide on-site modeling of the team’s Language Experience Approach instruction. In addition to Costa Rica, students were placed in schools in England, India, South Africa and Ireland.
Students from Appalachian who taught in Costa Rica last spring were Brad Beamon, second from left, Emily Johnson, Alison Markey and Rachael Jones.

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