Whether you are a young teacher starting out or a veteran teacher, you will always remember your student teaching experience. Thank you to all the teachers out there that have taken on the role of hosting and mentoring a student teacher! If you are a student teacher or preparing to enter student teaching, this is an important time in your life!
There is some great advice from teachers in the article: 20 Important Lessons from Student Teaching.
Diana Remick is a 2nd grade teacher at La Junta Primary School and has been teaching for 18+ years.
At Really Good Stuff, we're committed to bringing you the best teaching resources online and off. Students are generally not placed in buildings in which they attended as students, have had a practicum, have been employed, or in which they have relatives employed. For all teacher education programs which include initial teacher licensure, students must complete all Teacher Education Program course work and degree course work prior to student teaching. The application process should be completed one year (2 semesters) in advance of the anticipated student teaching semester. Special Site Placements are student teaching placements that are made outside the "local area" which includes the 60-mile radius of Iowa City. If you are doing a special site placement, there will be a REQUIRED Orientation Workshop near the end of the semester prior to student teaching, please watch for an e-mail. Front Row: Bridget Norris, Megan Fox, Chelsey Poorman, Casey Maguire, Erica Spero, Kelsey Harshman, and Elisa Novak. Lycoming College students preparing for a career in teaching shared the highlights of their student teaching experiences during an exhibit held on campus Dec.
The students also benefitted from networking with local educators during mock interviews held Dec. WKU Parents Parents, family members, and guardians are an important part of the Hilltopper family. Involvement in Study Abroad programs: Teaching English in a Catholic School in Barcelona, Spain. Teaching Experiences as relating to International aspects: My teaching experience was such a learning process.
Short Bio: Agnes is a non-traditional WKU student who is married with three small children.

Teaching Experiences as relating to International aspects: I taught at a Catholic school in Barcelona, Spain for 4 weeks. International Coursework Taught: I completed my WKU student teaching requirements in Barcelona, Spain. Involvement in Study Abroad programs: I was involved in the Student Teaching Abroad program.
Teaching Experiences as relating to International aspects: The teaching experience was definitely educational. Involvement in Study Abroad programs:This is my first time being involved in the WKU study Abroad program.
Teaching Experiences as relating to International aspects: Teaching in a different country is an experience in itself. Presentations Given: Being at the school I was able to help the regular classroom teacher in many ways.
Alumni International Involvement: I Mariela Gomez, Doctoral student at WKU, supervises the student teachers in Spain. Note: documents in Quicktime Movie format [MOV] require Apple Quicktime, download quicktime. Her greatest accomplishments are raising three wonderful children, obtaining her Master’s Degree while teaching, and overcoming brain surgery.
We under-stand that now, more than ever, technology allows you to expand your Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) to connect with resources around the world. This field experience is an all day, full-semester placement in a school setting that is generally completed the final fall or spring semester of enrollment in the teacher education program. Most students complete a local student teaching experience (a 60-mile radius of Iowa City). This page contains an exceptional Resume example for fresh and entry-level substitute teachers having no experience in hand.Create an A+ resume for your next teaching position. We offer an inviting and challenging work environment, responsive to the needs of a diverse and ambitious learning community. We invite you to learn more about services offered at WKU and to reach out if we can help along the way. Both the good and the bad experiences influenced the decisions you made and continue to make in YOUR classroom. To provide student teachers with an experience that will forever remain with them and influence their decisions as educators is a HUGE undertaking.

It is your role and the role of your mentor teacher to assist you in feeling a part of the classroom. You can learn a lot when you are on recess duty in how to assist students and help them problem solve. She could not have done it without the help of her amazing family, wonderful husband, colleagues, and three incredible student teachers!
This area includes Iowa City and the surrounding communities as well as Cedar Rapids, Muscatine, and any of the Quad-Cities (see local placement area map, district map, district web sites).
Twenty teachers and administrators from five local school districts conducted 45 individual interview and feedback sessions with the students. Are you an international student, an adult learner, a military , transfer , or dual credit student? This is an overwhelming experience and you need to take the support given to you and not be afraid to ask for help. Building relationships with your mentor teacher, your students, their families, and your co-workers are crucial!
Each student participated in three interviews that provided them with valuable advice that will help them prepare for interviews after graduation. Not only must they continue with all their regular responsibilities but also must help the student teacher understand the foundations of teaching. If you are considering graduation prior to student teaching -- and are receiving financial aid -- please be aware that you may become ineligible for certain types of financial aid once you have a bachelor's degree. The mentor teacher must explain how to teach a concept and must be thinking ahead of potential problems so that the student teacher can have a successful experience. An effective host and mentor teacher never just “sits back and does nothing” for the time the student teacher is teaching. The mentor teacher is taking notes, physically or mentally, and is learning from the student teacher.

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