During the October Teaching Fellows Meeting, both the 2015 Teaching Fellows Cohort, and the students of the Call Me Mister Program at CCU had the pleasure of listening to Dr.
This entry was posted by Alex Fegely on October 28, 2015 at 1:56 pm, and is filed under College News. Whether you’re looking for professional development or a resume boost, take it from these four Masa Israel Teaching Fellows alumnae – teaching English in Israel can help you land your dream job in education! After graduating from Guilford College with a bachelor’s degree in education in 2011, Tova Dinkin decided to become a Masa Israel Teaching Fellow. When she returned to New York in 2012, Tova was quickly offered a position as a kindergarten teacher at a Manhattan charter school. Jennifer Blitz also benefited from having Masa Israel Teaching Fellows on her resume, and her teaching experience in Petach Tikvah in 2013-2014 set her apart both on paper and in person. Like Tova, Jennifer, and Emily Nitzah Santiago-McRae found that having Masa Israel Teaching Fellows on her resume helped her secure her position teaching at Headstart and her admission to Syracuse University, where she currently studies for her master’s in early childhood and special education.
A special education teacher with many foreign students, Nitzah found herself in a new country, where she did not speak the language. Fellows Teaching CompetitionMany Emory University Department of Medicine Fellows choose to participate in a teaching competition between fellows - the J.

Hand Middle School mathematics teacher and former Teaching Fellow Jennifer Wise was named South Carolina Teacher of the Year on Wednesday.
This year, the Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement celebrates its 30th year of operation. Cafaro expressed that being skilled, versatile, conscientious, dependable, honest, flexible, and team oriented can lead to a rewarding career. In August, the Manhattan native moved to Rishon LeZion as part of the inaugural cohort of Masa Israel Teaching Fellows. Three years later, Tova still teaches at that same school and attributes her success to her time in Israel. Throughout the interview process for her job as a science teacher in Brooklyn, the Long Island native shared her story about stepping out of her comfort zone, overcoming challenges, and adapting to new situations during her time in Israel. However, she felt that her time teaching in Ramle in 2013-2014 made the greatest impact when she returned to an American classroom. He shared his insight relating to the experiences he has had while working in the Education field for the past 40 years.
Upon returning home to Delaware in 2012, Emily began teaching special education in a local public school.

The experience also helped her empathize with the students’ families, as they try to navigate a new culture and society.
Cafaro really hit home by telling the students at the meeting that the teaching profession is all about the kids.
Those ten months teaching English in Israel allowed Tova to gain invaluable experience in her field as she learned more about herself as a teacher. The principal even went so far as to tell her that her experience teaching abroad made Emily a very desirable asset in the classroom. His passion for education touched each one of the students who attended the October Professional Development event. Emily noted that her principal said that it was really different and unique to have Masa Israel Teaching fellows on her resume and made Emily stand out as a candidate.
The Teaching Fellows’ Social Committee provided refreshments, which topped off an awesome monthly meeting of building and working toward becoming Teacher Leaders.

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