For example, pretend that you have no idea of the meaning and pronunciation of the word, “school.” Try to sound it out. Make an appointment with your child’s teacher to discuss the techniques that she is using to teach phonics. If you use Accelerated Reader® in your classroom, then these 50-book collections are the perfect addition to your classroom library. Brain Bank, an independent reading program for Grades K–5, opens the vault to vocabulary, critical thinking, and content areas skills. Scholastic BrainStorm™ provides literacy volunteers and reading mentors with materials to develop children's reading skills through high-interest topics – encouraging active engagement and fostering a lifelong love of reading. Scholastic Informational Text Programs meet the demands of the modern classroom with materials designed to help students build strong content knowledge, read closely and analytically, and comprehend increasingly complex text. Scholastic’s Core Knowledge Classroom Libraries offer an outstanding collection of authentic children’s literature designed to support the Core Knowledge curriculum for Grades PreK-8.
Save 10% on all Guided Reading for a limited time!Research has proven that children with strong literacy skills in their first language are more readily able to acquire literacy skills in a second language. Save up to 45% off list price!New books and teaching tips added to these best selling collections of leveled titles. New from Scholastic, the Guided Reading Toolkit supports K-6 teachers and provides key instructional tactics for those using the guided reading method in ELA Common Core classrooms.
Learn how to manage flexible groups, match books to student needs, incorporate phonics, and more. Programs and Resources to build critical content-area knowledge from kindergarten through middle-school. The book showcases renowned educator Phyllis Hunter’s pivotal guidance for administrators, teachers, parents, and concerned citizens about how best to serve the literacy needs of students of color.
The Leveled Bookroom, 3rd Edition offers over 5,000 inspiring books across an enormous variety of text types, themes, genres, topics, and content areas to put all students on a fast track to mastering complex texts.
Advance reading achievement and expand your classroom library with the recommended Lexile bands for Grades 2-8. Literacy Fun Packs Express (each fun pack express contains 5 copies of title and printed lesson plan) perfect for after school or out-of-school time.
Stop the Summer SlideHaving access to books over the summer months reinforces good learning habits and is critical to maintaining a child's achievement level. Find out why and how to integrate the "new essentials" of reading - comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency - into primary classrooms in this easy-to-navigate, research-based book. Created specifically for new teachers!This collection is an invaluable resource for anyone building a classroom library from the ground up—all at unbeatable savings. With the recent release of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), educators are searching for books that fulfill the three dimensions of the NGSS: Science and Engineering Practices, Disciplinary Core Ideas, and Crosscutting Concepts.
Watch America’s favorite teacher of guided reading, Jan Richardson, lead targeted lessons that accelerate the growth of transitional and fluent readers. Reading expert, Deanne Camp, shows how matching two high-interest books-one fiction and one nonfiction-on the same topic can boost students' engagement and comprehension in any subject area.
QAR, Question Answer Relationships, is a powerful, research-based approach for improving reading comprehension that has been helping students become better readers for more than 20 years.
Read and Rise is a sustainable and systematic literacy engagement program designed to bring families, schools, and communities together to support children’s literacy development, while celebrating the positive impact of family culture and tradition. Ready-To-Go is our top selling library year after year, and is the ultimate foundation for every classroom library. Literacy Events is Scholastic’s innovative approach to promoting family engagement, an important component in early education that builds capacity, creates a shared responsibility for educational success, provides tools and confidence and gives educational leaders the capabilities to develop strong home, school and community partnerships. Literacy Events is Scholastic’s innovative approach to promoting family engagement, an important component in early education that builds capacity, creates a shared responsibility for educational success, provides tools and confidence and gives educational leaders the capabilities to develop strong home, school and community partnerships. WriteBoard allows teachers to model the writing process to the whole class using trait-specific tools.
Advance the learning of tomorrow’s innovators!Integrate science, technology, engineering, and math into daily reading practice with a wide variety of content area titles. Teaching Phonics is a flexible, systematic approach to building phonics skills, though stories, games, and activities.
In this comprehensive resource, reading specialist Wiley Blevins, the author of the best-selling Phonics From A to Z: A Practical Guide, offers a wealth of research-based strategies and systematic, easy-to-implement activities to aid teachers in teaching the alphabet and helping young learners get ready to read. The Complete Common Core Suite of Collections connect independent reading to the Common Core State Standards for ELA (K–8) with rich selections of fiction and nonfiction.

As the title suggests, these books are both fabulous and famous, and use speeches, journals, letters, poetry and other formats to improve fluency. Trait Tracker helps target instruction by revealing the strengths and weaknesses of individual students trait by trait, enabling teachers to bring out the best in their instruction by guiding them in areas where they need help the most.
Scholastic TRIO is a leveled-reading collection that engages students at THREE levels of reading ability — below-level, on-level and above-level — all in the SAME content area topic. By presenting a trio of similar texts, Triple Treat allows your youngest readers and writers to become familiar with the alphabet, print features, vocabulary, and language patterns so that they can develop reading and writing confidence and fluency. Browse all paperbacks and collections, request customized services, view special district pricing, see state correlations, use purchase orders, and place large district orders.
Every year I have a couple students who need a little {sometimes a lot} extra work on phonics. One of my goals for this school year was to find authentic, engaging, and meaningful phonics lessons for my phonics guided reading group.
Even though there’s just a tiny amount of laminating and cutting, I still like to save time as much as possible by utilizing parent volunteers. As a follow-up activity to my guided reading lesson, I have students complete a page in their phonics interactive notebook. The activities are organized into weeks, where each week focuses on two different phonetic patterns.
A&C Black Singing Phonics 2 Songs & Chants for Teaching Phonics - Song collection designed to support phonics teaching and enrich young children's experience of language in a fun and interactive way. Following Singing Phonics, Singing Phonics 2 is ideal for use with phase 2 and 3 of the phonics programme, Letters and Sounds, published by the Primary National Strategy, but will also be a highly useful addition to any phonics scheme.
Each song or chant is accompanied by a set of activities (including photocopiable resources) and ideas for further development.
Helen MacGregor is Teacher Adviser for Music in Kent and has written many of A&C Black's most popular and successful music titles, including Bingo Lingo, Singing French and Singing English.
Catherine Birt is the CLLD (Communication, Language and Literacy Development) Consultant for Kent.
For them, learning to read can be as confounding as reading a white paper on the performance of a Fusion-io ioDrive Duo 1.28TB card under a tpcc-mysql workload would be to us. Your brain might want you to skip the “ch” entirely and pronounce it as “sool,” or perhaps as “shoe-el.” Phonics teaches phonemic awareness, or the ability to recognize the smallest blocks of sounds in words so that the child can put them together to learn the entire word.
Usually, kindergarten teachers emphasize the consonants, and first and second graders learn the rest of the sounds, parts of words, and letter combinations.
Phonics is best taught systematically, or with a progression of sounds and increasingly complex sound combinations. Your child’s teacher and his speech-language pathologist (SLP) can recommend books that emphasize the particular sounds that your little one is working on.
Customize the reading experiences for all students by providing engaging literature with these grade-level appropriate collections. These enticing science and social studies titles motivate students to read and ensure future success. These libraries take students beyond functional literacy and provide students with a foundation in cultural literacy.
Guided Reading en espanol engages students in reading with carefully leveled literature in Spanish.
My Books Summer offers students fiction and nonfiction titles, Common Core-aligned Think Sheets to reinforce key learning skills, and Summer Journals with writing prompts to keep kids reading, writing, and talking about books all summer long.
Independent Reading Library will help to motivate students with reading choices that match their interests and reading levels. The NGSS are derived from an evidence-based foundation of research, and focus on scientific practice as well as on content. Now, QAR's creator, Taffy Raphael and coauthors Kathy Au and Kathy Highfield, have written a comprehensive guide that reflects on two decades of classroom application and expands on the original thinking behind QAR.
Scholastic created the comprehensive Read and Rise program as part of our dedication to all families and schools to help them build the capacity they need to instill a culture of reading and learning in their children. Each option provides 20 individual titles, plus one award-winning title (5 copies) and an activity sheet, for a combined total of 75 books per grade. These collections are selected by experienced educational professionals, and develop vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. Each collection offers an anchor text, read aloud, and books for independent reading, all on a single science or social studies topic.

This program provides a cutting-edge platform for teachers to model the writing process—pre-writing, drafting, revising, and editing.
Designed to work with any reading program, the step-by-step lesson ideas and engaging reproducible and interactive whiteboard activities provide powerful and purposeful practice opportunities for students.
All of the lessons for the week are written on one piece of paper, which I keep in front of the pocket.
Your child’s teacher will likely have him practice by reading short, simple books that emphasize the particular sounds and letter combinations that he is working on.
Ask the teacher to keep you updated on which sounds and sound combinations they are working on in class so that you can reinforce the lessons at home. Each library includes history, geography, math, science, language arts, visual arts, and music titles.
Easy-to-follow teaching materials help you build students' language proficiency in Spanish and helps them make an easier transition into English. Nell Duke and others reveals the importance of offering a wide selection of informational text in the primary grades and the positive impact it has on reading achievement.
In addition to these authentic stories, each book ends with instructional activities for children and caregivers that target reading comprehension and vocabulary development, strengthening the home school connection and making reading a fundamental experience. Perfect for small group read-alouds and aligned to Common Core State Standards, our Literacy Fun Packs Express provide discussion questions, reading tips, and a variety of hands-on activities to promote additional student inquiry. This rich selection of titles will strengthen comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency skills. Through Read and Rise, Scholastic is committed to ensuring that all children have the opportunity to meet and exceed the educational challenges of the 21st Century. Each 100-book collection offers 85 individual titles, plus three award winning titles (5 copies each) - perfect for shared reading and small groups. Each kit includes literacy-rich activities that provide caregivers with a variety of strategies and tools they can use to nurture and strengthen their child’s love of reading.
Each title is connected to a specific strategy for building fluency, with information on how to use reading aloud, paired reading, recorded materials, radio reading, and even mumble reading!
This product is geared toward kindergarten and first grade, and if you teach either of those grades I suggest that you run, not walk, to their store to check it out. I’m excited to see the results of these new strategies, because I think they’ll make a huge impact on my students! Many songs have familiar tunes, making Singing Phonics 2 a highly user-friendly resource with no music reading required. Phonics is one way to help a child accelerate the acquisition of reading and writing skills.
Provide all students with important foundational concepts related to social studies, life science, math, physical science, and more! Hunter has handpicked the award-winning classics, contemporary fiction, and illuminating nonfiction titles in these collections. Hunter has hand-selected books for students of all backgrounds and reading ability, sparking a passion for the world of books and the possibilities they bring. There were just a few pages that I wanted to laminate, so I can use them again year after year. There are two free weeks in the preview, so you can check it out and see if it works for your students. Children tend to gradually acquire phonemic awareness through exposure to nursery rhymes and other books that use word play.
I plan to use the word work portion of the pack, because the lessons are exactly what I was looking for. I stored those cards (I made a set for each student) in baggies and keep the baggies in the pocket behind the lesson plan. If your child seems to understand the relationship between letters and sounds but has difficulty articulating those sounds, consider using Speech Buddies to promote articulation. As well, ask your child’s SLP about the specific techniques that she’s using to teach him sounds.
A title list that identifies the Next Generation Science Standard for each title is included with every collection.

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