Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. DISADVANTAGES OF COMMUNICATIVELEARNING TEACHING? In this approach method, it is hard to say that it is very applicable in crowded class.? This method increases the workload on the teacher. DISADVANTAGES OF COMMUNICATIVELEARNING TEACHING? Teacher must be a very knowledgeable person in L1 and L2.? Students and teacher must understand each other. DISADVANTAGES OF COMMUNICATIVELEARNING TEACHING? The monitoring ability of the teacher must be very good? Grammar Teaching Practices make application of this approach difficult. DISADVANTAGES OF COMMUNICATIVELEARNING TEACHING? Another disadvantage is that the CLT approach focuses on fluency but not accuracy.? The weaker learners who struggle and cannot use the target language continue to make mistakes and eventually give up.
DISADVANTAGES OF COMMUNICATIVELEARNING TEACHING? During pair and group work activities teacher focus on accuracy through error correction because learners need to understand their mistakes.? The CLT approach is great for Intermediate and Advanced learners, but for Beginners some controlled practice is needed.
DISADVANTAGES OF COMMUNICATIVELEARNING TEACHING? The adoption of a communicative approach raises important issues for; ? Teacher training, ? Materials development, ? Testing. TEACHING METHODOLOGYChoosing a teaching methodology willmake the process of teaching English as asecond language (ESL) easier and morerewarding for you and your students, andincrease the likelihood of success.
Presentation, Practice andProduction, or PPP as it is called, isone of the most common teachingmethodologies for ESL. Slide presentation software such as PowerPoint has become an ingrained part of many instructional settings, particularly in large classes and in courses more geared toward information exchange than skill development. Text-heavy: this version offers complete phrases and a comprehensive recording in words of the material. Some images: this version sacrifices some of the completeness of the material to create space for accompanying images. Elizabeth Rash (Nursing) provided this sample iterative case study (where parameters evolve over time) given to a midsize class. Problem-based lectures frequently alternate between providing information and posing problems to the students, which alters the entire character of the presentation.
Classroom response systems can improve students' learning by engaging them actively in the learning process. Instructors who do not have sufficient photocopying opportunities in their departments may be less likely to use paper worksheets with their students, especially in large classes. The PowerPoint software itself includes built-in functionality to record your audio commentary. It is also possible to use AuthorPoint Lite, a free software download, to take the narrated PowerPoint presentation and transform it all into a Flash video movie, which plays in any Web browser. Using this mode of PowerPoint, your slides are projected as usual on the big screen and fill the entire space, but the computer used by the lecturer displays the slides in preview mode, with the space for notes visible at the bottom of the screen. Navigate slides smoothly: the left-mouse click advances to the next slide, but it's more cumbersome to right-click to move back one slide.

Avoid too much text: one common suggestion is to adhere to the 6x6 rule (no more than six words per line, and no more than six lines per slide). Transitions and animations should be used sparingly and consistently to avoid distractions. Staff members at the Faculty Center are pleased to work with instructors individually when constructing PowerPoint presentations. This site is a tutorial for use with PowerPoint 2000 that can be run concurrently with PowerPoint to step the user through basic presentation design such as creating and deleting slides, inserting text and pictures and formatting the slide.
Short, printable, Bulletin from CIDR at the University of Washington on using PowerPoint to maximize learning.
It involves the building of a situationrequiring natural and logical use of the new language.This is the first (andperhaps most crucial)stage to the language learningprocess, as it usually has aprofound influence on the stagesthat follow and governs whetherthose stages are effectiveor not. PowerPoint can be a highly effective tool to aid learning, but if not used carefully, may instead disengage students and actually hinder learning.
Students often respond better when instructors have designed sessions for greater classroom interaction, such as the use of student response clickers, designing PowerPoint to facilitate case studies, or use the slides as a replacement for paper worksheets. Slide shows do little to model how students should interact with the material on their own.
This is a particular danger with students who grew up accustomed to receiving PowerPoint notes to study from. The text-heavy version can be used as the lecturer's speaking notes, and doubles as student notes that can be made available for download either before or after the lecture has taken place. The mixed approach appeals to more visual learners while keeping some lecture notes visible, though perhaps in a more abbreviated format. The image-heavy approach signals to students that they will have to take their own notes, as these are plainly insufficient on their own for studying. Students are required to come to class prepared having read online resources, the text, and a narrated slideshow presentation that accompanies each module. Rather than explain and convey information, many slides ask questions that are intended to prompt critical thinking or discussion.
Instructors can employ the systems to gather individual responses from students or to gather anonymous feedback.
In this fashion, instructors can literally deliver their entire lecture electronically, which can be especially useful in an online course.
In this fashion, lecturers can have a set of notes separate from what is displayed to the students, which has the overall effect of increasing the engagement of the presentation.
The keyboard's arrow keys work more smoothly to go forward and backward in the presentation.
Additionally, the Office of Instructional Resources maintains the Faculty Multimedia Center (FMC), which offers customized assistance in popular software tools, including PowerPoint.

Felder and Rebecca Brent, on how to avoid some of the dangers often associated with PowerPoint. Indeed students must be taught the discipline's jargon, its decision making tools and how best to apply them as well as the underlying foundation on which those theories are based. The classroom provides me the opportunity to mentor students, contribute to their intellectual growth, and collaborate with them in the production of original knowledge that shapes the field. To be successful, students will need to meet the challenges of this type of working environment.
Include student activities or demonstrations to overcome this, either before or after the slideshow presentation. Some may require convincing that notes should be taken beyond what is already on the slides.
If the information can be accessed elsewhere, such as a textbook, it may be preferable to avoid a text-heavy approach, which many students find disengaging during the delivery. However, lecturers often need more than visual clues to remind themselves how to propel the lecture forward, and separate notes may be required.
The classroom is problem-based (case-based) and interactive, where students are introduced to a young woman who ages as the semester progresses and confronts multiple health issues.
It is possible to use the technology to give quizzes and tests, to take attendance, and to quantify class participation. One valuable technique is to first demonstrate a process or problem on one slide, then ask students to work on a similar problem revealed on the next slide, using their own paper rather than worksheets handed out. To create such a video, you must first record a narrated presentation, and then use AuthorPoint Lite to convert the file. Also, if you know the number of a particular slide, you can simply type that number, followed by the ENTER key, to jump directly to that slide.
Since the nurse practitioner students are being prepared to interact with patients, some slides require students to interview another classmate in a micro role-play. There is enough material already present in text format that some students may feel obliged to write it all down in their own notes, thus paying less attention to the verbal lecture. Conversely, if the slides are available for download, some students may be able to eschew note-taking in class, yet be tempted to consider these fragmentary notes sufficient for studying for exams.

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