This two-week learning module gives students a practical and theoretical grasp of what makes a website credible. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Let me just give you a heads up first that there are two main web design languages that need to be learned. Microsoft Virtual Academy: Learn the fundamentals of web design with this Microsoft course. Udemy: This is a link to a Udemy course which teaches HTML5, however, a bit of CSS is also covered.

By the way, Currclick has a Web Design class available (referral link) that you may be interested in. The module includes instructor presentations, group discussions, classroom activities, and homework assignments.
I taught it to my youngest when she was in 11th grade and I have no formal training on the topic.
It also covers topics like image formatting and XHTML, and counts as a one credit high school course. While we primarily used two books, HTML5 Step by Step and CSS3: The Missing Manual (referral links), we found some helpful websites that boosted the info in the books.

I’m going to share those websites as well as some others I have found so that you can use them to teach your kids or teens web design.
Javascript can also be learned, but it is a bit more challenging and not absolutely necessary.

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