Teaching Digital Citizenship Education – a must these days for all ages, all classrooms, all teachers, all pupils!
Free Cyber-bullying Tool Kits For all levels of teachers  The Common Sense Media toolkit has been created for different ages groups so that all have appropriate resources. Digital Citizenship Classroom Posters  There are loads of freely downloadable posters available on Common Sense Media are a great addition to your classroom. Digital Citizenship Scope and Sequence  Find the lessons that are right for your classroom, browse by category to focus on the lessons that talk about the topic.
Netzsmarts Workshop NetSmartz Workshop is an engaging, educational program that offers best resources to assist demonstrate children about digital citizenship specifically how to go safe online. Media Education Lab  A  huge collection of free resources available from the Media Education Lab. Big Red Button - safe browsing - is a new feature to add to internet browsers for the young. Trackoff is an educational initiative managed by Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) on behalf of the railway industry.

Our aim is to raise awareness among young people of the dangers and consequences of antisocial behaviour and playing on the railway. The Trackoff website provides free educational resources to organisations that can spread the message: schools, colleges, youth centres and community groups. I always get excited when I go to a conference and learn something new.  For me one of the greatest influences on my classroom came when I attended a positive behavior conference where Chris Biffle was the Keynote. The basic are the Five main things you can incorporate into your class to implement Whole Brain Teaching quickly, effectively, and with immediate results each and every day. While the 5 rules and  Class,Yes are effective on their own, there needs to be some motivation to ensure that this is done super quick and you aren’t having to call out Class,Yes or the rules more than two to three times to get their attention. The key to keep up motivation is to keep the tallies within three points! This will ensure that kids are still trying to get the goodie at the end of the day (which is a fun Brain Break, a few minutes of music, packing up early early, 5 minutes of extra recess….
Mirror allows the kids to repeat your gestures as if they are your mirror as you teach a new concept. June is internet safety month so following are some useful weblinks for teachers to build digital citizenship into their curriculum.

The educational program at NetSmartz Workshop is intended for kids ages 5-17, teachers and parents.
The resources provide classroom activities, assembly ideas, lesson plans and other teaching resources.
As you use Class, Yes, you reward kids with a tally mark, if they are breaking a rule or not responding to the Class, Yes, then the teacher gets a tally mark.  The celebrations or moans are quick in response to the point on either side of the chart. This is similar, but instead of always using open-ended prompts, students are repeating the gestures and the teaching points to their partners.
One will speak first while they both use gestures, then two will talk while they both use gestures, and this will continue until you call them back with Class-Yes.

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