The reason I curbed the previous seasonal color analysis chart was because it appeared very black-and-white and left many unique colorings out of the picture. For example: If you're dominantly cool you can eliminate Spring and Autumn from the list (an exception is Deep Winters who overlap with Deep Autumn, and Clear Winters which overlaps with Clear Spring, which is clarified in the new seasonal analysis).
The new seasonal color analysis is mostly based on your dominant characteristic and the quality of your coloring, and not your color combination. For example: If you have very deep and dark hair, the best colors for you are usually rich and vivid which means you look best in DEEP colors.
NOTE: This is beautiful guest post from Healthline, a wonderful site that offers heathy solutions to life. Although most people prefer not to hurt anyone in any way, ever, the fact is that in the course of their lives, almost everyone somehow hurts others whether they mean to or not.
Forgiving those hurts, big and small, can have a huge beneficial effect on our lives—but it’s not always easy. Forgiveness is the decision to release feelings of resentment and bitterness toward the person who hurt you. When you’re angry with someone and can’t forgive them, you’re carrying those hurtful and negative thoughts and feelings around with you everywhere you go. We all know someone who’s nursed a grudge for years, someone whose whole outlook on life has turned sour and pessimistic. When you practice forgiveness, you rid yourself of those painful thoughts and feelings once and for all. Leslie Vandever is a professional journalist and freelance writer with more than 25 years of experience. Listen in to hear my interview on Todays Inspiring Women on RadioAmerica focusing on depression and how to stay positive in response to the suicide of Robin Williams.
Do you know anyone who loves to laugh?  No matter how serious the situation, this person seems to find something to laugh about?   We are not extolling the virtues of nervous laughter – pretending things are great when they are not.
Most of us have heard the old adage, “Stop and smell the roses.” In the hectic pace of our lives, we often forget to slow down, pause, take a breath and reflect for even a couple moments. Everyday annoyances have a lessened negative emotional pull when you focus on the positive message of positive inspirational quotes. Inspirational quotes remind you to see your mistakes and setbacks as learning opportunities, and gives you comfort that there is nothing that we can’t learn from. In our hectic lives in which we are inundated with the lure of material wealth and “things,” inspirations can help keep us grounded in what is really important. Daily reminders that forgiveness is necessary to live a positive life will help you move on from negativity – not because they always deserve it, but you do. How has daily inspirations quotes helped you to stay more positive and keep negatively away? Forrest Gump seemed to have learned a lesson that many smarter and more accomplished people have not.  Despite the fact that we all know that life never gave us a guarantee that we would be fairly treated and that bad things would not happen to us, we commonly get taken by surprise when life gives us a blow that we think we don’t deserve.
Often we can not “get over” something because of stories we tell ourselves, which are not based on facts.  For example, some people who lose a job will be disappointed, but still have the confidence to move on realizing that there might be better opportunities. Whether you need to forgive yourself, others or even God or life itself, forgiveness will release you from the chains of bitterness.  The more you can forgive, the more you can accept life as it comes. If you follow these 8 tips to “get over it”  you will be in great shape to get on with your life!

For the public I offer personal development plans, stress management techniques, positive thinking strategies, practical life skill strategies, and more. For counselors I offer psycho education strategies, counseling skills, social media for mental health professionals, making counseling groups innovative, and more.
You basically analyze your complexion by figuring out if it is mainly cool or warm, which eliminates half of the seasons.
It’s simply part of the human condition—and it means that we’ve all been hurt at one time or another. The key is realizing that forgiveness isn’t about the person who hurt you, or about making them apologize or change.
You might forget about them for a time, but something always happens that brings the hurt and anger bubbling up to the surface again. Perhaps if she’d forgiven the person who hurt her, she’d be a sunnier, happier, less closed-down person.
We may apply our reaction to old hurts to new circumstances—and in so doing, sabotage the outcome of new endeavors and even our own happiness now and into the future.
You’re lightening your load—your heart, your mind, and your spirit—and giving yourself room to breathe. This compounds with the fact that in our everyday lives, especially in urban environments, there’s not a rose to be found! Here are 7 reasons that have become crystallized to me from the many comments I have gotten from the 175,000 followers to my own Inspirational Quote Facebook page.
As the saying goes, “Perception is more important than reality” and inspirational quotes offer us help in forming healthy perceptions and attitudes. Inspirational quotes can serve as a comfort during difficult times of great personal challenges.
Regularly exposing yourself to universal issues that we all share as a virtue of being human serve as a comfort when you feel alone. No matter how old you are, you are never too old to keep moving forward and build on yesterday.
Rather than living in the past and recycling old news, we gain support to move past our regrets and learn from them. We are reminded that our perceptions color our world, richness in our relationships make you much richer than all loads of money, and no one can ever have power over you unless you give it to them.
If you need help with being better instead of bitter, daily inspirations can help guide you on the journey. Inspirational reminders can give you the perspective and strength that releases you from the chains of bitterness that all too often make people prisoners of their past. No matter if you have visible scars or ones of the invisible type, they are both scars nonetheless. Print the quote or inspirational post up and put on prominent places like your desk,mirror or refrigerator. Use a quote or inspirational post as your computer desktop on your computer and change daily. Share your quotes with friends and family through email and social media sites such as Facebook, twitter and Pinterest. In the workplace, frame your daily quote by your desk or office door in an easily changeable plexiglass frame for everyone to be inspired!

Start your office meetings, book groups, family dinners with an inspirational quote to start our the gathering with a shared positive mindset.
In contrast, others would not be able to “get over” the trauma of rejection and label themselves as losers andfailures.  People in crisis often create stories about themselves and personalize life’s cruel twist as somehow reflecting their self worth, resulting from old ingrained judgmental thought habits.  The negative “self-talk” becomes so ingrained that often we do not realize that we have the power to change it! On a scale of 1 to 7, rate your level of agreement with each item, being honest and open with yourself. Clients go to therapy wanting to change, but often they have no inherent knowledge of how to change.
Jennifer Aniston), and red-heads who always seemed to fall under the Autumn group even though it wasn't quite right. You can even wear a no-no color as a top as long as you top it off with one of your best colors. Those emotions trigger chemical and hormonal responses in the body that may, over time, turn into health issues. When we nurse old grudges and rehash old hurts, dredging them up for another once-over and feeling the original anger and frustration yet again, our bodies can’t help but react. You’ll be healthier, have better relationships, have less hostility, lower your blood pressure, and lower your risk of depression. Hence, in our increasingly digital age, how about pausing and reflecting on Inspirational Quotes to help ground us in our busy lives?
The idea that “I am not the only one” is incredibly comforting in times of isolation and personal uncertainty.
Forgiveness, acceptance and compassion melt away the chains of resentment, keeping you stuck in moments of time. Death of loved ones, personal losses, health issues afflicting yourself or those close to you, personal setbacks and shaken confidence rarely, if ever, escape anyone who lives a full and complete life. Ask yourself if you kept this positive message in mind, and decide which quote to use for the next day to keep on truckin in a positive direction! In the coming weeks I will share some of my handouts and activities from the book with you. It’s up to the therapist to build a well-stocked toolkit of life skills and psychoeducational strategies.
Cognitive therapy, where you learn to change your thoughts from negative to positive, is an excellent way to get started in learning to forgive.
You’ll have less anxiety and stress, and a much better feeling of spiritual and psychological well-being. We might not be able to find a rose outside our door, but inspirational quotes are everywhere on the internet. Furthermore, seeing messages of hope and comfort cutting across all cultures and nationalities all over the world becomes very powerful. Keeping up the regular habit of reading inspirational quotes helps you get through things when you can’t get over them. Until then I have a look inside feature in my bookstore at belmontwellness so you can look inside and get some free therapy handouts and counseling worksheets, as well as group therapy actives to download and reproduce for you and your clients!

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