I have been so looking forward to ¬†getting hold of John Maxwell’s Put Your Dream to the Test for months now.
John Maxwell ingeniously came up with a valuable readiness checklist of putting our dream to the test. Here’s a snippet from the book, pages 260-261 from the e-book version uploaded in my iPhone. Removing nonessentials from your daily routine will be a constant struggle, but it is worth fighting for.

I love that this book is NOTHING LIKE what we are all so exposed to nowadays – prosperity gospel. 20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant. When months came and went and no book has arrived in my doorstep, I figured I could check out with Thomas Nelson and I was pleased to know that I can download an e-book version for this review.
Because most people who fail to reach their dream aren’t stopped because an insurmountable barrier confronted them.

The minute we wallow on negativity is the time that let go of the possibility that God will ever see us through.

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