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11:13pm Dj_ moddragon_" data-content=" View Profile ">Dj_ moddragon_: Have u ever taken acid ? 9:15am Truth And Knowledge" data-content=" View Profile ">Truth And Knowledge: Hey wolfe, you still there? 9:16am wolfe" data-content=" View Profile ">wolfe: Hello Truth, I just got on, how are you?
2:25pm Tarheel Alpha Male" data-content=" View Profile "> Tarheel Alpha Male: Quinton you crack me up ! Resulted image can be saved as a raster image file or as vector based Windows metafile (.wmf).
Found this in google images even though it has nothing to do with autocorrect it is still funny. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other users, upload videos and photos in your own photo album and access many other special features.

They share there ideas for new technology but they dont give us the accual stuff to create. I have just posted a few questions for you but again I feel they fall short in one aspect or another. Families37 PostsRecent: The Rockefellers are Worth 500 Trillion Dollars, what about the Poor!!
Use online the RowText-Image Generator or the WordCloud-Image Generator, and your pictures will be converted into individual, typographical images, which can be used as a personal gift, forĀ presentations or as the base for further graphics. These tools result in our text art generators with the goal to melt text and images to a fascinating computer-based text art image (typography). Though I do also believe that once enlightenment is achieved to a certain degree there would be no need for these substances rather they are more so a means for one who is attempting to achieve enlightenment to more clearly see the path they must take. This if portrait of Charlie Chaplin and if you'll view a bigger image you will be able to read Chaplin's bio (quoted from wikipedia).
Sample images, conversion tipsĀ and further information can be found on the following pages.

Finally, the converted images can be saved in full resolution on the client computer or even as a vector graphic image. Now, have fun creating your own amazing Word Arts and Text-Images by first choosing the converter type. I am going to take a look a your book on Crowd Freedom as I was actually just about to get a kickstarter going to put similar concepts into motion. Our favorite negative hero consists entirly from his famous sayng All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. If you ever cared to work together to get some of these ideas in motion, I personally am open to the idea since power in numbers seems much more effective than singularity. I was taken with the free trial and paid for the download version within half an hour of seeing what it could do.

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