Stylist to the stars Jamie Schneider tied the knot over the weekend, which meant that her fashionable A-list friends had a mini reunion. Sign up for our newsletter and receive exclusive stories, breaking news, sale alerts and much more straight to your Inbox! A couple of years ago, a friend invited me to his group of friends’ annual Friendsgiving. With a big-deal holiday like Thanksgiving, you may be ambitious and want to invite all of your friends. Keep it casual and let your friends sit wherever they want—especially if you have a large group coming.
Head to Whole Foods or your local Chinese joint a few days before the Friendsgiving to stock up on disposable plastic containers and takeout boxes.
Among the attendees were longtime pals Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, and Kelly Sawyer, who took a moment to embrace the great outdoors and show off their best red carpet pose in a video captured by Vanity Fair’s Derek Blasberg. Although I didn’t know very many people at the party, it was a great time and an event that I look back on fondly.
There was plenty of delicious food, bottles of awesome wine, a bonding game, a festive atmosphere, and an apple cider sangria made by yours truly.

Set up a spread of uncomplicated appetizers (olives, nuts, cheese, crackers, etc.) at a table that is easy to converge around, and encourage people to mingle with one another. Remember that if the hostess is enjoying herself, then the guests will also have a good time. In the silly short video, the three friends try to nail the famous over-the-shoulder red carpet pose at once, with the Colorado landscape in the background. All you really need to host a successful Friendsgiving are friends and food, but if you want to make it the best Friendsgiving ever, take the time to plan the party and pay attention to the details.
We were told to copy the puzzle onto the sheet of paper to the best of our artistic abilities.
If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving-inspired meal with friends, here's how to make it a talked-about party years from now. If you can rearrange your living room and rent a table that seats 14 people, invite 14 people. Then everyone had to put together their drawings to make the puzzle, which was taped to a wall. Your friends may ask if they can bring someone, so take that into consideration when coming up with the guest list.

Use mason jars as vases, cut branches from your yard and mix them with grocery store flowers, and light a fire. If you want, give the potluck a theme, like Italian-American or Mexican-inspired, and instruct your guests to bring pumpkin lasagna rolls or chorizo stuffing.
Tell your friends to bring their dish prepared and ready to serve in a pretty bowl or on a decorative platter. No one should be in the kitchen making béchamel for macaroni and cheese during the Friendsgiving. Find out what needs to be heated in the oven, and make a cooking chart to know which dish goes in at what time.

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